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Multiple true or false questions created on flexiquiz quiz maker software
Authoring tool

Easily create amazing learning materials

Our interface is simple and easy to use: no coding required.

Choose from various quiz types or page templates and add your content.

How to make a quiz
Creating a matching question with an image
Question mark
Classic quizzes

Make any quiz for users to take at their own pace

Microphone to host a live quiz
Live quizzes

Connect to your students in real-time using live quiz games

Student hat

Everything you need to build a course with varied lessons

Hand waving to welcome people
Welcome page

Add a welcome page to introduce people to your content

Information page with an image
Info slides

Add information between questions such as text, audio or videos

Image with a plus sign
Add media

Add images, videos, gifs or audio to any page or question type

Documents being added to a folder
Add documents

Share downloadable files such as PDFs, Word or Excel documents

Thank you page

Finish your quiz with an end page to share more information

Multiple choice quiz question with a background image of an ice-cream
Advanced quizzing

Multiple question types

With FlexiQuiz, you can create a quiz with a variety of different question types.

Choose from popular ones like multiple-choice to the advanced file upload or matching questions.

Question types
Answer option box

Allows respondents to pick multiple responses from a list of possible answer options

Single-choice radio button

Respondents can pick one answer from a list or drop-down menu of answer options

Up arrow
File upload

Allow respondents to upload a file such as an image, PDF or video

Two lines with blank spaces

Respondents enter their answers in the blank space as part of a sentence or statement

Free text

Respondents provide a written response, such as an essay, calculation or notes

Mathching items
Matching text

Respondents type a short answer into a box which the system will auto mark

Picture of landscape

Consists of two columns where respondents match the answer

Picture choice

A multiple-choice question where answer options are displayed as an image or icon

Multiple choice question with a blue theme, logo and sound created on the flexiquiz site
Creative tools

Make your quiz shine

A great-looking quiz engages users and has a positive reflection on your brand.

Our flexible design tools allow you to create beautiful quizzes and courses in minutes.

Styling options
White label
White label

Align with your brand's messaging and design. Add your logo, font, colors and embed on your site


Talk to learners in any language by adding your text to questions, buttons, messages and emails

Background images

You can change the background design of your quiz using background images or illustrations


Share custom certificates using our templates or upload your own branded template

Color pen

Add your chosen colors to the whole page, headers, sides and footers

CSS code on page
Custom CSS

Use custom CSS for advanced design and styling options

FlexiQuiz configure page highlighting time limits, respondent feedback, randomize questions and maximum attempts

Make interactive quizzes

Our software offers all the flexible features you need to make powerful quizzes with minimal effort.

All features are fully configurable to support a range of quiz objectives.

Configuration options
Countdown timer

Set the maximum amount of time allowed for respondents to complete the whole quiz or page

Required questions

Set a question to 'required' to prevent students from skipping content

Arrows pointing in random directions

Shuffle the order of questions on the whole quiz or set pages

Stop sign
Limit attempts

Set the maximum amount of times that respondents are allowed to access your quiz

Table of results
Category scoring

Score respondents on each category in addition to one overall score

Save file
Save & resume later

Allow respondents to pause their test and resume at a later time


Allow respondents to mark questions so that they can easily refer to them during the quiz

Feedback in a speech bubble
Share feedback

Automatically share feedback that can be split based on right or wrong answers


Choose how many points to award or deduct from the respondents for their response

A grade
Custom grading

FlexiQuiz can auto-grade a quiz based on the number of points scored

Woman smiling and working on her laptop setting up quiz automation that save time

Automation tools

Save time and leave the repetitive work behind so that you can focus on what's important.

FlexiQuiz automations can share real-time updates, support learners and save you time.

Time saving tools
Exclamation mark

Set an email reminder to remind respondents automatically if they do not submit their quiz

Email results

Auto send custom results when respondents submit their quiz or manually send at a later time

Calendar schedule

Set the date and time when your content is available for respondents to access

Wavy line

Automatically redirect learners to their next activity based on their results or choices

Respondent portal

Allow users to self-register for your course with instant access to your chosen content


Pre-assign points to questions so that the system can automatically score them when attempted

The world with pictures of people and links with information on how to take a quiz

Sharing your content

We offer a choice of ways to share your content so that it's easy for your students to access either publicly or privately.

Students can view content on any device with the flexibility to start, pause and resume from anywhere.

Ways to share
Screen with man on respondend portal
Respondent portals

Respondent portals allow users to log in securely to access assigned quizzes and courses

Email envelope
Email invitations

Send an email directly from your FlexiQuiz account to invite users to take your test

Group of three users

Assign your quizzes to a group of users with Respondent portals

Code embedded on a screen

Embed the quiz link on your site using HTML code


Prevent users from being able to access your quiz content until payment is processed

Security shield with a tick
Password protection

Ask users to share a passcode before they can access your quiz content

Registration page

Ask users to provide information such as name, student ID, class or location

Access code
Access codes

Allow users to access your live quiz with an access code

Quiz respondent with an add sign

Allow users to self-register for a Respondent portal in order to access your quizzes and courses

Mobile with a quiz
Mobile friendly

Our quizzes work well and look great on any device, from a large laptop to a mobile phone

Group of people working together to complete a jigsaw with a pop-up of the FlexiQuiz account permissions
Work together

Collaborate smartly across teams

FlexiQuiz allows you to work independently or share data so that you can easily team up with others.

Create and manage additional team accounts and settings to ensure that everyone can securely access the right information.

User accounts
Lots of admin accounts
Admin accounts

Administrators can access all quizzes based on the permissions you set

Multiple quiz maker trainers
Trainer accounts

Trainers can access assigned quizzes and groups based on the permissions you set

Group of users

Use groups to manage respondents, organize your content and easily work with others

Pause sign
Suspend users

Set users to inactive so they cannot access the system and you can still view data

Upload sign
Bulk upload

Import multiple users with our Excel spreadsheet template

Hand waving to welcome respondents
Welcome email

Send a customizable welcome email to new users directly from your FlexiQuiz account

Flexiquiz analytics page
Reporting and analytics

Measure learners' performance

Get real-time access to all the data you need so that you can better understand your users and groups.

View data at a quiz, individual, group or question level. You can download your data in Excel or PDF files for further analysis.

Types of reports

View who has started and completed your quiz

Group of users

A summary of results for all assigned respondents and quizzes

Multiple question types
Question level

Check how many people have selected each response option to a question

Quiz respondent

A detailed view of a learner's performance, including answers given for each question

Quiz timer
Time per question

Track how much time users have spent on each question

Stop sign for maximum attempts
Number of attempts

View how many times a respondent has submitted your quiz

A quiz created with flexiquiz embedded on a user site

Integrate FlexiQuiz with your platform

With our simple API and webhooks, you can access and manage features directly from your own software.

Integration options
Envelope sending

Send emails using your organization's email address

Cloud based software
API and webhooks

With our simple API and webhooks, you can access and manage features directly from your own software

Shopping trolley

Add a payment page to give a seamless experience for users buying your content

Quiz respondent
Single sign-on

Allow the quiz to identify respondents who have already logged in to your website

Embed symbol

Embed a quiz or respondent portal using HTML code

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