Quick and easy to create a Quiz

FlexiQuiz provides a number of features in a clear and simple design to make it easy for you to use. We want to make it enjoyable for you to build a quiz that engages, challenges and tests the respondent.

  • Choose from 7 questions types including; multiple choice, free format, picture choice and fill in the blanks
  • Use pictures, images and videos to bring your questions and answers to life
  • Add a time limit by question, page or the whole quiz
  • Automatically randomize your question or answer options
  • Import all your questions and answers from a spreadsheet
  • Easily access all of your draft and open quizzes from your dashboard
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Customization options

Look and feel – tailor the quiz with your own company, school or universities branding, colors and images. The quiz can also be written in a number of languages to meet your requirements.

Layout – there are a number of ways you can configure the test from the number of questions per page to setting a time limit.

Communications – use the FlexiQuiz templates to create your own welcome, thank you and question feedback pages. Include logos, images and videos to support and bring your message to life.


Simple ways to publish and distribute quizzes

There are a choice of ways to share your test or quiz:

  • FlexiQuiz provides you with a unique URL for inclusion in your own email, social media pages or website for respondents to access your quiz.
  • FlexiQuiz can send an email directly to all participants and then track when they respond.
  • Create private accounts for your teams or students so that all of their assigned tests or exams are in one place.

Grading made easy

Save time and let FlexiQuiz grade the quiz for you. You decide the correct answers, number of points for each question and the overall pass rate. There are also some more advanced features including weighted options, negative scoring and manually marking free text questions after the quiz is submitted.

Sharing the grade - after completing the test FlexiQuiz will immediately score the quiz and save the results on your dashboard. We can also:

  • Immediately show the participant their score
  • Provide the correct answers with feedback
  • A standard or customized certificate for participants to proudly display
  • Send notifications to selected email addresses containing the results and responses

Tracking and reporting

FlexiQuiz offers tracking and reports that are easily accessible from your dashboard:

  • See who has taken your quiz, their responses, time taken and final score
  • Where you have set up a respondent account, you can see all the tests assigned to them and what has not been completed
  • Responses can be analysed at an individual or question level for an in-depth understanding of where questions are challenging (or maybe not challenging enough!)
  • All report data can be exported to a spreadsheet for further analysis.

Create Respondent, Admin and Trainer accounts

FlexiQuiz offers the option to create user accounts for respondents, administrators (other people in your team) or trainers.

Respondents - you can create a private account for participants to view any quizzes that have been assigned to them.

Administrators – you can create an account for other people in your team. They will have access to all of the same information as you from quizzes in draft to results from quizzes taken. They can also create and share their own quizzes.

Trainers – they will have access to selected tests and quizzes that you have assigned to them. They will also be able to create their own quizzes.

With the FlexiQuiz premium account you can create unlimited additional trainer and administrator logins.


Create a question bank for easy reference

You can save and store all of your questions, by category, in a question library to be used for future quizzes. We all know that when you have a good question you will want to ask it more than once.

You can randomly include a number of set questions by category in your future quizzes.

Question bank


Build your own online tests and assessments with FlexiQuiz for free.