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Copying a quiz

Copying a quiz allows you to create a duplicate version of a quiz, test, or assessment in your account. Any custom themes, logos, configuration rules, and certificates will carry over to the copied version of the examination.

The copy quiz feature allows you to create a standard template that can be easily used for multiple quizzes across your organization. Copy quiz saves you time and enables brand consistency across all testing. To create a template, build a quiz (with at least one question) and press the copy button.

This guide shows you how to copy a quiz on your account.

How to make a copy of your quiz

  1. Create a quiz, test, or assessment with at least one question.
  2. From your main dashboard, choose the examination that you would like to copy.
  3. On the right-hand side, press select action.
  4. Select Copy from the drop-down menu. arrow pointing to copy quiz button
  5. Enter a name for your new quiz and press copy quiz. box to enter new quiz name

Depending on the size of your quiz, it may take a few moments for the system to generate a duplicate copy.

Once the system create a copy of the quiz, a pop-up appears to confirm the duplicate test is available.

Your new test will appear alphabetically on your main dashboard or within the same folder as the original test.

Top tips!

  • You can edit and share the copied version and it won't affect the original quiz.
  • Any quiz responses will not carry over to the new quiz.
  • Themes, logos, configuration options, certificates, and other quiz design options will carry over to the copied version of your exam.
  • With a free plan, you can't copy quizzes.
  • Any question categories are not copied to your new quiz.
  • Complete your quiz as a test-taker to ensure the look and directions match your requirements.

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