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Types of FlexiQuiz pages

FlexiQuiz is a free online quiz maker that offers a choice of 4-page templates to help you design and build almost any type of online quiz, test, course, or assessment. You just need to add your content to the relevant page type and decide how you would like to position the page.

This guide provides a short description of each page template and shows you how to add the pages. You can choose from the following types of pages:

  • Welcome
  • Quiz - for adding questions, text-only or media
  • Results
  • Thank you

Welcome page

The Welcome page is shown to respondents before they access your quiz online. This is page allows for free text and paid plan members can also add videos, logos, images and audio. Welcome pages are a useful place to provide instruction, background information or explain the purpose of your quiz.

To add a Welcome page:

  • Create a Quiz and add a name
  • Press the green Add page button
  • Select Welcome page from the drop-down menu
  • Add your content
  • Press Save
  • Pages can be edited or deleted at any time from the Create tab on your quiz

If you've configured your quiz with Registration and/ or Selling screens, the Welcome page will be shown after these.

When quiz takers are ready to start the online quiz or test, they will need to press start for the first page or question to appear and the timer will begin.

This guide will give you additional information about adding a welcome screen to your online quiz with a choice of customization options.

Quiz page

The quiz page enables you to add questions, media or text to your FlexiQuiz. You have the flexibility to put all of your content on one page or split across multiple pages with a mix of questions types and or text/ media.

The questions option offers a choice of 8 question type templates.

The text/ media option enables you to provide information or instruction to quiz takers during the quiz by adding copy, images, video or audio.

To add a quiz page:

  • Create your quiz, and add a name
  • Press the green Add page button
  • Select Quiz page from the drop-down menu
  • Press the blue Add item button page options
  • Select your required template from the following options that are shown on the drop-down menu:

    Question - to add a scored question

    Text / Media - for adding a text section that could include videos, images and audio. This could be used to give information or instruction to respondents during the quiz.

    Import questions - Enterprise and Premium plan members can important questions to their question bank using an excel file

    Question bank - Enterprise and Premium plan members can access their question bank to view questions or for adding to the main quiz

Top tips!

New pages can be added by selecting Add page again

To add a page title, click the pen and paper icon on the top right

To delete the page, press the X on the top right


Your test is configured to automatically show respondents an online results page once they've submitted their answers for the quiz

You have the option to:

  1. Not show any results
  2. Change what results you share with quiz takers

The results page can be managed by selecting the Configure tab and then Results from the left-hand menu

Untick the box Show results page, to avoid sharing results straight after the quiz

Or, tick the boxes with the information you would like included on the Results page. This is a copy of the page where you can manage what results are shown to participants.

results management page

Thank you page

A Thank you page is the last page quiz takers will see. It is a great way to give respondents further information about what will happen next, or to simply thank them for their participation. This page can be all text of paid plan members can add images, videos or audio.

To add a Thank you, page:

  • From the Create tab, press Add page
  • Select Thank you page
  • Press Save

Thank you, pages can be edited or deleted at any time.

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