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Text/Media Items

The text/media item allows you to add content to a section or page of your FlexiQuiz.

Text/media items are an excellent way for you to share knowledge as part of an e-learning training course, online examination or digital learning program.

Your shared content looks great on any device including mobile, laptop, tablet and desktop.

This guide shows you how to create a text/media item and some example applications.

How to add a text/media item to your FlexiQuiz

  1. Create a new assessment or edit an existing one.
  2. From the Create screen, press Add Item and choose Text/Media from the drop-down menu. arrow to text media page button
  3. Add your content. where to add learning content on page
  4. You can share content in many forms, including:

    • Add text in almost any language directly to the page. You can also include mathematical formulae, links, tables, images, videos, gifs and audio.
    • Top tip! Please do not copy and paste your text from a word document, as this contains hidden code that can affect how it looks on your page.

    • Attach documents for users to download, save and review.
    • Add your PowerPoint slides as an image to the page.
    • Top tip! Keep auto size ticked when you upload the document so that the FlexiQuiz system can auto adjust the size for any device used by the respondent.

  5. Press Save and the content is added to your FlexiQuiz. You can continue to add additional text/media items or questions on the same page. Or, add additional pages to allow respondents to focus on this content and for easier tracking.
  6. Press Preview on the top right to see how your content will look to respondents.
  7. Configure, publish and share your content.

Additional options:

These are some of the fantastic FlexiQuiz features that you can use with your text/media item.

  • Email notifications to respondents: Email notifications don't have to be all about results. You can customize emails to thank people for viewing your content.
  • Email notifications to yourself and nominees: Get an email alert when someone has viewed and submitted your content.
  • Redirects: Create a learning path leading responding to the following relevant learning program, a quiz, test or examination.
  • Track time spent on the page: Check how long people have viewed your content.
  • Customize the look and feel: Change background colors, use google fonts, or update navigation buttons.
  • Add page titles.
  • Copy and paste your content: Save time and easily add your content to other quizzes within your dashboard.
  • Embedding Vimeo and YouTube videos.

Text/media page examples:

This example is created by adding text directly to the page and customizing with images and a logo:

example training page with text and images

This example is created by attaching a slide of the presentation as an image:

training presentation slide embedded on flexiquiz pages

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