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Assigning grades to a quiz

Grading a quiz is easy with FlexiQuiz quiz maker.

A grade reflects the respondent's score or what they have achieved and can be a letter, number, text or a mix.

This guide shows you how to set grades based on the respondent's total points score.

How to add grades to new or existing quizzes

  1. Create a new quiz or select an existing one.
  2. Add points for each relevant question - you can add or deduct points for each question or answer option.
  3. From the Configure tab, select Grading on the left-hand menu and the grades screen will appear.
  4. To start, go to the Grade column and enter the names for each grade. For example, it can be A, B,C or a short description.
  5. Important! You can add more grades by pressing the green Add grade button.

  6. Next, go to the Minimum % column and enter the minimum percentage of points that the respondent needs to qualify for the grade.
  7. So, if we look at this example. To achieve a "Good" grade, the respondent must earn between 70% and 89% of the available points.

    flexiquiz quiz maker exam grades settings page
  8. In addition, you can select if the grade is a pass or fail and redirect learners to another quiz or URL based on their grade.
  9. Finally, you can choose how, when or even if you want to share the grades with respondents. You can display grades on the results page, email notifications and certificates.
  10. quiz results page with grades

The system automatically saves your grades and will assign the right grade each time a respondent submits your quiz. You can instantly view all grades on your Analyze and Reports screens.

Top tip! You can manually update respondents' points and grades on your analyze screen.

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