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Assigning grades to a quiz you've created

Once you've created an online quiz, test or assessment it's possible to assign a grade based on the participants' score. The score is based on the number of points that the participants get for correct answers. While the grade refers to the performance of the individual in a test or examination which can be expressed as a letter, number, text or a mix.

With FlexiQuiz, you can assign any number of Grades and create a range of rules related to the grade. Such as,

  • Customize feedback - provide information to the quiz taker that is based on their score
  • Redirect based on grade - direct quiz takers to another test or page based on their grade
  • Automatically issue a certificate - instantly share a certificate with qualifying quiz takers - Premium and Enterprise members only

FlexiQuiz will automatically score and grade submitted quizzes based on the rules that you've created.

This guide will show you how to set and customize grades on the quiz, tests or exams that you create.

How to add grades when creating a quiz

  • Create a quiz
  • Select the Configure tab
  • Choose Grading from the left-hand menu
  • Add a description for the grade - In this example, we are grading people A to C with a brief description of what each grade means
  • Add the minimum % of points quiz takers need to achieve to get the grade
    • For example, for quiz takers to get a B grade they need to score between 50% to 75%
  • If you would like to issue a certificate tick the Pass box
  • To add more grades press the Add grade button
page to configure quiz results

The rules for the grades that you have set up will automatically be saved and applied to any new quizzes that are submitted online.

Top Tip! If you change a grade after a quiz is published, the new grades will not apply to quizzes that have already been taken.

How to display grades on the results page

Once quiz takers have completed the test you can opt to display a results page that includes the participant's grade. To show the grade on the results page, follow these simple steps:

  • Create your quiz
  • Configure the grades
  • From the Configure screen select Results from the left-hand menu
  • Tick the box Show results page
  • Tick the box Grade
Grades configure results page

Quiz takers will now see the following results page at the end of the online test.

Partcipants grades

Enterprise and Premium plan members can also change:

  • The Grades heading to something more suitable. You could change the word Grade to almost any other language or change it to better describe what the grade refers to.
  • More the position of the grade shown on the page to align in the left, center or right-hand side of the page.

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