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Sharing certificates with test-takers

Certificates are a great way to recognize and reward students for their achievements. With FlexiQuiz, you can award test-takers a PDF certificate when they pass your quiz.

Certificates can be automatically generated on one of our ready to use templates and include the test-takers details such as name, date of quiz, grade, plus a unique certificate ID.

quiz certificate

You can allow your quiz-takers to download their certificate from their results page, or you can send an email notification.

Premium and Enterprise customers can also create and upload custom certificate backgrounds with company logos, signatures, and branding.

This guide shows you how to generate and share a certificate using one of our templates.

How to create and share a quiz certificate

  1. Create your online quiz or examination.
  2. Go to the Configure screen and select Certificate from the left-hand menu.
  3. Scroll down to background and press the down arrow.
  4. This menu lists all the available templates. By clicking on each template, you can preview how the certificate looks. create a certificate screen
  5. Select a background template.
  6. Scroll down to Line Items and choose the text that you would like to display on your certificate.
  7. You can customize the text, fonts, and positioning.
  8. Any text in square brackets is the dynamic text that the FlexiQuiz system automatically generates based on test-taker data. Please view the descriptions for the dynamic fields below.
  9. Any changes to the text reflect in the certificate preview box. Line items to change text on quiz certificate
  10. Once you are happy with how the certificate looks, please choose how you would like to share it with test-takers. Go to the top of the page and tick the relevant certificate box. Your options are:
    • Enable download: Allow users to download a copy of their certificate from their results screen.
    • Email copy to respondent: Add a copy of the certificate to email notifications sent to quiz takers and your nominees. place to choose how to share test certificate
  11. Set a minimum grade that test-takers require to qualify for a certificate.
    • To set the qualifying grades. Go to the Grade screen and set the grades with the minimum score required for each. Tick the box pass if test-takers qualify for a certificate.
  12. Test how the certificate will look to quiz takers by completing your online quiz from the point of registration.
  13. Publish and share your online quiz.

When a test-taker qualifies for a certificate a copy is automatically saved on your Analyze screen.

How test-taker names are mapped to a certificate

The test-taker's name maps to the certificate based on how you choose to share the quiz.

Quiz link or email invitations.

If you share your quiz using the quiz link or email invite, you need to add a registration page to capture the users information.

The registration page is pre-set to ask users for a 'First name' and 'Last name'. These details map to the Name field on the certificate.

However, if you change the registration fields, the data needs to be updated on the certificate. For example, if you change 'First name' to 'Your NaME' on the registration screen.

Quiz registration configuration screen

The certificate needs to be updated with the word 'Your NaME' in curly brackets. Important! The text in curly brackets must match precisely the text on the registration page, including any upper and lower case characters.

Mapping test taker name to certificate

Respondent accounts

When assigning your quiz to Respondents, the first name and last name fields on their account maps to the certificate.

Dynamic text tags

[Name]Test-takers first and last name
[QuizName]Name of this quiz
[Day]Day of month the quiz is submitted
[Ordinal]Two letter ordinal shown with a day. Such as 1st, 2nd
[Month]Month the quiz is submitted, displayed as a number
[MonthName]Name of the month the quiz is submitted by the test-taker
[MonthShortName]Three letter abbreviation of the month the quiz is submitted
[Year]Year the @UtilityService.ProductTypeLowerCase was submitted, displayed as 4 digits
[ShortYear]Year the quiz is submitted, displayed as 2 digits
[Points]Total points the test-taker scores
[PointsAvailable]Maximum points available in the quiz
[Grade]The grade the test-taker achieved
[Score%]The percentage score the test-taker achieved
[Id]A unique 8 number identifier is generated and added to the quiz
[Expiry_value_type]Displays the expiry date for the certificate. To set the expiry date replace value with a number e.g. 6. Replace type with wither days, months, or years. Such as [Expiry_6_months] will display the date 6 months from when the quiz is submitted.

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