Help / What is a Respondent portal?

Popular FAQs about FlexiQuiz Respondent portals

What is a Respondent portal?

A Respondent portal is a FlexiQuiz account for quiz-takers to log in and view their personal dashboard; they can complete quizzes and track their progress for assigned tests or courses.

Quiz-takers can securely access their Respondent portal with a unique username and password. The portals are accessible anytime, anywhere, and on any device, including tablet, computer, laptop, or smartphone.

The personal dashboard lists all quizzes assigned to the user. This image shows an example of a personal dashboard.

quiz taker account dashboard

What are the benefits of a Respondent portal?

  • Secure quiz access: Respondents (quiz takers) can only access assigned quizzes by logging in with their unique username and password. The system will track quiz taker's responses. Access to your quizzes is limited to the maximum quiz attempts rules that you set.
  • Quiz taker storage: Respondent portals provide quiz takers with a central place to refer to all current and previous tests. Respondents can view existing quizzes as well as view the results and any certificates of earlier tests.
  • Reporting at a user level: Admins and Trainers can access reports for each user that summarize all assigned quizzes. These reports can be downloaded and shared with relevant colleagues.
  • Groups: Respondents can be assigned to a group(s), making it easier for quiz makers to share tests and manage reporting. A group can consist of a group of Respondents in the same team, class, or department.

Do Admins and Trainers need a separate Respondent portal?

No, you can assign quizzes to the Trainers and Admin accounts directly.

All quizzes that an Admin or Trainer are required to complete as a test taker are displayed in a tab called Assigned quizzes.

This is an image of an assigned quizzes dashboard.

quiz maker assigned tests dashboard

Important! The Assignd Quizzes tab will appear when Trainers and Admins are assigned tests to complete as a quiz-taker.

How do you create a Respondent portal?

All Respondent portals are linked to the main Admin account. The portal can be created and managed by an Account Admin or Trainers with relevant permissions.

Important! Quiz takers cannot create their own Respondent portal through our main site. Top tip! You can create a landing page to allow users to self-register for a Respondent portal.

There are two ways for you to create Respondent portals from your Users dashboard.

  1. Add each account individually.
  2. Bulk upload multiple users on the FlexiQuiz excel spreadsheet template.
quiz maker users dashboard

At a minimum, you will need to provide a unique username that can be an email address, nick name, or staff ID number. You can provide a password or let the system randomly generate one for you.

Can learners self-register for a Respondent portal?

Yes, learners can self-register for a Respondent portal and immediately access any assigned quizzes.

This guide shows you how you can allow learners to self-register for your quizzes.

Can the Respondent portal be customized?

Yes, Premium and Enterprise customers can customize the dashboard with a company logo and to display relevant information for quiz-takers.

Find out more about customizing the Respondent portal.

What happens if the Respondent loses internet connection during the test?

If the student has a good internet connection, the FlexiQuiz system automatically saves the responses during the test.

If a Respondent loses connection they can log back into their account to access the quiz and continue from the point where the connection was lost. Important! If you have a time limit attached to the examination, the timer will continue to run down. Students will not get any extra time - this is to prevent cheating.

How do I assign quizzes to a Respondent portal?

Admins and Trainers (with relevant permissions) can assign quizzes.

There are three ways to assign online tests to Respondent accounts.

Important! Respondents will only be able to view the test on their dashboard if the quiz is open.

Can I delete a Respondent portal, and what happens to the data?

Yes, Admins and Trainers can delete a Respondent from the main users dashboard.

The FlexiQuiz system will delete the Respondent portal and any quiz results. We cannot recover any data.

Can learners access live quizzes through their Respondent portal?

No, not at the moment.

Learners can only access live quizzes through your unique code. Find out more about live quizzes.