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Exporting FlexiQuiz results

You can download your quiz data to a spreadsheet in Excel (XLS) or PDF file formats. The reports can help you do further analysis and merge your FlexiQuiz data.

Administrators and Trainers with a paid account and the relevant permissions can download quiz data. However, Trainers can only download quizzes and user data for assigned examinations.

This guide shows you how to download your data from your Analyze and Reports screens.

How to download quiz data from your Analyze screens

  1. To start, you need to go to the Analyze screen. From your main dashboard, press the Analyze icon next to your relevant quiz. analyze quiz button on main dashboard
  2. Choose what type of report you would like to view and download by pressing the down arrow next to report type.

    Your options are:

    Individual summary: Lists all users assigned, started, and submitted the quiz.

    Individual responses: Lists all test-takers, the questions they were given, and their responses. However, this report may not be available if you have many respondents and questions.

    Response summary: Shows you how many times each answer option has been selected.

  3. Choose which format you would like to export the data.

    Your options are:

    PDF: Press the PDF option.

    Excel: Press the export option.

    CSV: Press the 3 dots and choose Export CSV from the drop-down menu.

    PDF and excel buttons

How to download data from the Reports screen

  1. To start, you can access the Reports screen from the Reports tab on the top menu.
  2. Choose the type of report that you would like to view and download. list of quiz reports

    You can pick from the following report types:

    All quiz: Lists all quizzes associated with your account, including a summary of test-takers volumes and the average score.

    All users: This report lists all Respondents, Trainers, and Admins with quizzes assigned or completed as test-takers.

    Quiz: Choose one of your examinations to view everyone who has responded and a summary of their scores.

    User: Lists everyone who has completed a quiz. You can select from the full list of test-takers and view a summary of their results for quizzes associated to their name.

    Group: Lists all groups associated with your account.

  3. Select your quiz, user, or group.
  4. Choose to download the data in an Excel or PDF file.

    Learn more about analyzing your group results.

    PDF and excel download buttons

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