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Free text questions

Free text is an open-ended question that is also known as essay, free format, or comments.

Free text allows you to collect long open-ended responses in text or numbers.

Due to the nature of the questions, they cannot be auto scored; you can choose to add points manually or not score the question.

These are some examples of open-ended free text questions:

  • What are some essential qualities of a good leader? Provide some examples and rationale to support your answer. You have 5 minutes to answer this question.
  • What do you like most about our product?
  • What did you enjoy most about your experience?
  • How did you figure out the answer to that equation?

This guide shows you how to add a free text question to your quiz, exam, or survey.

How to add a free text question to your FlexiQuiz

  1. Create a new quiz or edit an existing one.
  2. From the Create screen, press Add Item and choose Question from the drop-down menu.
  3. Next to Question Type, choose Free Text from the drop-down menu. arrow to free text question in list
  4. Add your questions to the Question box. Paid plan customers can also add images, video, or audio.

    Top tip! You cannot add any available points to the question. If you want to make students aware of any available points for this question, you will need to add the information to the question box.

  5. Choose how many rows you would like to show the respondent.

    Note! The FlexiQuiz system does not stop respondents from adding text that goes beyond the lines you provide.

  6. Press Save. free text question example
  7. The question is added to your quiz, test, or assessment.
  8. Choose any additional options to configure the quiz, for example:
    • Remove the results page or add a comment to reflect if you will manually score the response.
    • Set the question as required.
    • Add any time limits for responding.
    • Style and customize the look and feel of your quiz or survey.
    • Or more.
  9. Preview how the question looks to test takers by pressing preview on the top right. open ended question
  10. Publish and Share your content.
  11. Manually score the question (if required).

Viewing responses

All responses are automatically saved on your analyze screen.

How to view responses for an individual:

  1. Select the Individual summary response report type.
  2. Choose the user and press select action.
  3. Pick view from the drop-down menu. report for open ended responses
  4. This pop-up lists all questions and the user response. Scroll down the page to the open-ended response that you would like to review.

How to quickly view and compare many responses:

  1. Select the Individual responses report type.
  2. Press Export on the right-hand side. You can download up to 500 user responses in an excel file.

All responses to the question will be listed in the same column to manage and merge with other data easily.

Sharing results

Important! Questions do not need to be scored.

If you choose to score the question, it cannot be auto scored when the quiz is submitted; therefore, you may want to reflect this when sharing results with students.


  • Add comments to the results page to make sure students are aware it's not a final score.
  • Configure the results page not to show a score.
  • Remove the results page - you can add a thank you screen or close the quiz instead.
  • Send a custom email notification after the examination is scored.

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