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Benefits of video interviews

By Victoria, FlexiQuiz.
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What are video interviews?

A video interview is a job interview that takes place remotely using video technology.

There are two main types of video interviews. These are real-time (synchronous) or pre-recorded (asynchronous).

Real-time video interviews are conducted using video conferencing software such as Google Meet, Zoom, or Microsoft teams. Recruiters ask questions and the interviewee can respond in real time.

Recorded interviews allow recruiters to ask questions using text, audio or video. Candidates must record their responses and share them with the company to review. Recorded interviews can be managed with software such as FlexiQuiz.

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Benefits of video interviews

These are the benefits of asking candidates to upload videos in response to your questions.


Video interviews can save time, helping companies to work more effectively.

You just need to create one set of questions and allow candidates to respond. There is no need to allocate time for travel or booking meeting rooms.

Video interview software helps you manage everything is one place and automate manual processes. For instance, you can set times when the test is available and automate pathways based on the candidate's responses.

In fact, you only need to arrange face-to-face interviews with the very best candidates.

Shows body language and facial expressions

Videos allow you to see the interviewee's facial expressions, body language and overall appearance. This helps you to understand their personality better and fit within the company.

Depending on the type of role you're recruiting for, you can use videos for candidates to exhibit a skill or task. For instance, videos are an excellent way for candidates to showcase their language, building or presentation skills.

Tests candidate's use of technology

If your role requires technical skills, by asking people to create a video, you can gauge their familiarity with tech.

If the candidate finds it hard to record their videos, such as no sound, large files or blurry images, they might have a wider tech issue.


Ease the burden of aligning schedules with hiring managers and candidates.

You can upload a list of questions for candidates to respond to in their own time.

Hiring managers have the flexibility to view the videos when they choose. It also allows managers to share videos with colleagues or the wider team for feedback.

Eliminates geographical barriers

Remote working is becoming increasingly popular and is seen as a benefit to many job seekers. So a video interview can reflect your company's processes and the job role.

Candidates can upload videos from anywhere worldwide (with an internet connection!), in their local timezone.

Not only do you widen your talent pool to find the best new employee but you also save the candidate travel costs during the early stages of the process.

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Best practices for video interviews

These are some tips to help you get the most out of using asynchronous video interviews.

Provide instructions. Assume that candidates know nothing about using the software and provide some clear guidance. For example add a welcome page with instructions, screenshots or an informational video.

Send a thank you email. Automatically send a custom email to candidates after they submit their interview. The email can confirm receipt, share next steps and thank them for their time.

Ensure candidates stay within the upload limits. Make sure interviewees are aware of the maximum upload sizing. You can split questions into parts to keep within the 15 MB limits.

Set time limits. Ensure candidates know when to submit their video to be included for consideration. You can set automated email reminders and schedule when the interview closes, ensuring it's fair for all.

Keep hiring managers in the loop. Send an automated email to hiring managers when the candidate's video is available.

Track submissions. Check when candidates start the interview and how long it takes them to submit their responses.

Remember your brand. Your brand is essential, so you can customize interviews with your text, logos, colors and imagery.

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