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By Joanna, FlexiQuiz.
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yes or no quiz maker

Yes or no questions are closed questions that allow respondents to choose from a yes or no answer.

While a yes or no question may sound quite simple, it's a great versatile question that you can use in a range of quizzes, tests, assessments, or surveys.

Questions with a yes or no response are typically shorter than the standard quiz question, which means you can ask lots of questions in a short space of time.

FlexiQuiz is a flexible quiz maker platform that allows you to present the yes or no answer options in various formats.

You can display the answer options as text.

You can also display the answer options using images.

yes or no quiz made with picture choice

In this article, we'll show you various ways to apply 'yes or no' questions to your tests.

Ways to use questions with Yes or No answers

These are some of the most popular ways yes or no questions can be used in quizzes, tests, assessments, or surveys.

Trivia quizzes

Trivia quizzes typically consist of random and fun facts or questions.

You can create some fun questions that require a simple yes or no to answer. To make the questions more competitive, add some time limits or bonus points.

These are some examples of trivia questions with yes or no answers.

  • Can a snail sleep for three years?
  • Does a female canary have a better singing voice than a male canary?
  • Is it true that an Octopus has three hearts?

Check out this guide for more trivia quiz inspiration.

Friendship quizzes

Yes or no, maybe two simple words, but they can help you find out how much your mate, friend, or BFF knows about you.

These are some examples of fun questions that you can ask your friends. Friends can only respond with a yes or no answer.

  • Am I taller than 6 feet?
  • Do I believe in ghosts?
  • Have I ever held a real snake?

Feedback questions

Yes or no questions are a great way to gather measurable feedback as part of a survey and where you would like to avoid ambiguity.

By allowing respondents only to have a choice of two responses it helps them respond quickly.

These are some examples of how yes or no questions can be applied to surveys.

  • When deciding which product to buy, did our site answer your questions?
  • Do you reside in the UK?
  • Would you buy this product again?

How to add yes or no questions to your FlexiQuiz quizzes

  1. Draft your yes or no questions.
  2. Choose if you would like to display the yes or no answer options as text or images.
  3. Create a new quiz or edit an existing test.
  4. From the Create screen, press Add Item and choose Question from the drop-down menu.
  5. Choose your question type based on how you would like to show the answer options.
  6. Add your question, statement, or random fact in the Question box.
  7. Add Yes in one option box and No in the following box.
  8. If you would like the FlexiQuiz system to auto-score the question in real-time, tick the box next to the correct answer.
  9. Set how many points you would like to award the question. If you don't want to award any points, you can change the points value to zero.
  10. Format your question:
    • Required: Test takers cannot submit the quiz until the question is answered.
    • Set categories: Add your question to your chosen category in your question bank.
    • Show question feedback: Provide feedback or maybe a fun emoji based on a right or wrong answer.
    • Randomize options: Shuffle the order of the answer options every time the quiz is taken.
  11. Save your question. You can choose to add additional questions.
  12. Configure your quiz.
  13. Select if you would like to share results and customize the results page.
  14. Style your quiz:
  15. Publish and share your quiz.

Once a test-taker completes your quiz, the results are available to view on your analyze screen.

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