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Allowing users to self-register for a Respondent account

You can save time by allowing your students or employees to self-register for a Respondent portal assigned to one of your groups. Once the user has registered, you can also add extra quizzes and groups quickly.

To set up self-registration for test-takers, simply create a group, add a custom registration page and share the page URL with your students.

Important! Quiz takers can only create a Respondent account on your custom page. It's impossible to sign-up from the FlexiQuiz home page.

This guide shows you how to create a landing page for students to self-register for a Respondent account assigned to your group.

How to create a self-registration landing page

  1. Login to your FlexiQuiz account
  2. Select Groups from the top header
  3. You will land on the group's dashboard that lists any quizzes associated with your account. Click on an existing group or press the blue Add group button.
  4. The system takes you to the group Profile screen. To create a group, you need to provide a name at the minimum.

    Top tip! You can assign quizzes and trainers to the group at any time.

    Groups profile page
  5. Select the tab self-registration tab.
  6. Tick the box Allow self-registration. self register for a test taker account customization page

    A landing page is automatically generated that allows users to self-register for a Respondent account and access all assigned quizzes in this group.

    This image shows an example of the standard landing page that allows users to sign-up for your group.

    Register for a test-taker respondent account sign up form
  7. You have the option to customize the text on the page or share the link straight away.

Your customization options are:

  • Registration page URL: You can customize the text on the last part of the URL.
  • Registration page text: You can customize the text on the top of the sign-up page to provide students with clear instructions about what they are signing up for and the next steps.
  • Username box label: This text shows inside the box where students need to provide a unique username. The username is required for the student to log in to their FlexiQuiz Respondent account securely. Test-takers will need to provide a unique username not used by anyone else on the platform. The username can be an email address, nickname, or unique identifier.
  • Password box label: The text inside the box where students need to provide a secure password.
  • Register button text This is the text on the button that test-takers press when ready to create their respondent portal.
  • Send a welcome email: Automatically send a welcome email to new users when they press the Register button. The welcome email includes a reminder of the user's email address and password. Important! We can only send the welcome email if the user provides a valid email address in the username field and you have the relevant permissions.

Track who joins the group

The Respondent portal is created when the user presses the Register button, and the system validates the username and secure password.

You can track and manage all respondent accounts from your user's dashboard or the group profile screen.

Top tips!

Anyone with access to your URL can create a respondent account and access your group for free.

  • If you want to validate users before they access your learning content, you can create a group with a single quiz with questions to check credentials.
  • Once the user answers the questions, you can manually assign them to a new group from their edit user screen.

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