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Managing groups of quizzes and users

Groups are a central place to mange quizzes, tests, and courses for a group of users such as a class, team, or department.

Groups can help you in the following ways:

  • Saves time: You can assign multiple quizzes to a group of users simultaneously.
  • Easier to work in teams: Assign a Trainer to a group to allow them to view all associated data.
  • Group level report: View and compare all the results for group users and quizzes in one place.

This guide shows you how to create and manage a group.

How to set up a group

Admins and Trainers can create groups with the relevant permissions.

  1. Login to your FlexiQuiz account
  2. Select Groups from the top menu

    The group's dashboard will appear that lists all groups assigned to your account

  3. To create a new group press, Create Group quiz groups dashboard
  4. At a minimum, you need to add a name for the group. New quiz group create screen
  5. You can add the following information straight away or at a later time:

    Respondents: Add users with a Respondent, Trainer or Admin account to complete the quiz as a test-taker.

    Quizzes: Add quizzes to the group. Respondents can complete all open tests in this group as quiz takers. Trainers can manage all quizzes in this group based on the permissions you have set.

    Trainers: Add Trainers to the manage quizzes and users within the group, based on the permissions you set.

Your group is now live and added to the groups dashboard.

Quizzes are automatically assigned to User accounts.

Important! Respondents will only be able to view and complete assigned quizzes if the test is open. To view the status for each examination, please refer to the publish screen on each quiz.

How to edit groups

You can add or remove Users, Quizzes and Trainers at any time in the following ways:

  • You can access and edit the group from the group dashboard - just click on the relevant group.
  • Assign a quiz to the group from the Publish screen.
  • Add Users to the group on the create or edit user screen.

The number of groups that you can add to your account depends on your FlexiQuiz plan.

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