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Creating groups

Groups is a FlexiQuiz LMS feature that allows you to centralize training for learning groups of any size.

You can easily configure the groups to meet your organization's needs and team structures.

With groups you can:

  • Manage multiple quizzes and build a course.
  • Organize a group of users with specific attributes such as a class, team or department.
  • Allow users to self-register.
  • Sell a course or group of quizzes.
  • Export group-specific reports to analyze performance.
  • Work with colleagues to manage your FlexiQuiz content.

How to create a new group

  1. Once you have logged in to your FlexiQuiz account, select Groups from the top menu. You groups dashboard will appear that lists any existing groups.
  2. To add a new group, click Add group. The FlexiQuiz system will instantly create the group and automatically save any changes as you configure the group.
  3. groups dashboard
  4. On the profile page, add a name for your group - this name will show on your groups' dashboard and reports.
  5. groups profile page to manage quizzes and respondents
  6. You can add some notes for your group in the Description box.
  7. If you are ready to add quizzes to the group, press Assign quizzes and select the relevant activities.
  8. You can quickly add Respondents to your group - press Assign Respondents and select the relevant users.
  9. To work with colleagues on this quiz, you can assign them as a Trainer.

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