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Groups FAQs

What are groups, and how can they help me manage quizzes?

FlexiQuiz groups enable you to manage groups of quizzes and test-takers efficiently.

With the FlexiQuiz group's feature you can assign multiple quizzes to a group of users with a Respondent, Trainer, or Admin account.

You can also assign the group to a Trainer to manage based on the permissions you set. The Trainer can complete various tasks such as edit, configure, publish, and analyze the group of tests or Users.

These are the ways that groups can help you:

1. Bundle quizzes to assign to learners

You can create a group of quizzes that can all be instantly assigned to a User. This saves you from having to share each quiz with every user in the group.

For example:

  • Create a set of quizzes as part of an onboarding program or learning module. Every time someone joins the company, you can simply add them to the group, and they have instant access to all of the onboarding quizzes.
  • Or, you can build a batch of quizzes to sell. Each time someone purchases the package, you can add them to the group, and they have instant access to all of your material.

2. Manage small groups or hundreds of test-takers

Groups are an efficient way to administer multiple types of test-takers. You can easily add or remove quizzes and compare results at a group level.

For example:

  • Teachers and professors can create a group for each class to track and manage learning plans efficiently. When you want to assign a new test or examination to the class, add the quiz to the group.
  • Companies can create groups for each department to manage different training plans efficiently. Group reporting can also be used to share results with department heads.

3. Work in teams while keeping information secure

You can assign Trainers to the group to perform various tasks such as creating quizzes, editing, sharing tests, and analyzing results.

Trainers will have access based on the permissions you set to all quizzes and Respondents within the group.

For example:

  • You can assign a group to a manager. The manager can share quizzes and analyze results for their team. However, they're unable to edit the quiz or view results for other teams.

What are the key benefits of groups

  • Save time by assigning a group of quizzes to users.
  • Ability to sell a bundle of quizzes.
  • Increased productivity by working with others to create quizzes.
  • Reports and analytics at a group level.

How do I create and manage a group?

You can create, edit, and manage groups from your groups dashboard. To access the dashboard, select Users from the top menu and click on the Groups tab.

This guide provides a detailed description of how to create and manage a group.

Does every test-taker need to have a Respondent account to be part of a group?

All test-takers will need to have a Respondent, Trainer, or Administrator account associated to your main account.

You cannot add the following users to a group:

  • Test takers who are sent an email invite or quiz link.
  • Admin, Trainer, or Respondent accounts that are not associated to your account. You will need to set up the users account.

How many groups can I create?

The number of groups will depend on your FlexiQuiz plan.

Free: None

Essentials: 10

Premium: 50

Enterprise: 100