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Adding multiple users

Save time when adding multiple users to your main FlexiQuiz account by using our spreadsheet template. All you need to do is download, complete, save and upload the excel document - we can even automatically send a welcome email to new users with their log in details to access their FlexiQuiz account straight away.

The number of users that you're able to add to your main account depends on your FlexiQuiz plan. The limits for each plan are:

Essentials - 200 Respondent portals.

Premium - 800 Respondent portals and 1 Trainer or Administrator accounts.

Enterprise - 5,000 Respondent portals and 15 Trainer or Administrator accounts.

This guide shows you how to upload multiple users to your account.

How it works

  1. Log in to your FlexiQuiz account.
  2. From your main dashboard select Users on the top header.

    This opens your User dashboard - from where you can manage all Users associated with your main account.

    users dashboard
  3. Press Bulk upload users

    This opens a pop-up.

    pop-up with link to new multi users template
  4. Select the Download template to open the Excel file.
  5. Enter the required information within the document. Note! Do not delete or move any of the columns in the spreadsheet.

    FlexiQuiz excel template to upload multiple users

    Definitions for each of the spreadsheet columns:

    Username* - required for the user to log into their FlexiQuiz account. The username must be unique and not used by anyone else on our database. If you provide an email address, FlexiQuiz can send a welcome email on your behalf.

    Password - the user needs a password to log in to their account. You have the option to provide a password or leave the space blank and we'll automatically generate one for you. Top tip! We'd recommend you providing a password if you don't use the welcome email option. Or you'll need to locate the auto-generated password by manually viewing each user's account.

    Email address - use the format @yourdomain. This field is essential if you'd like FlexiQuiz to automatically send a welcome email on your behalf.

    First name

    Last name

    User type* - select Respondent, Trainer or Administrator from the drop-down menu.

    Send welcome email - select yes or no from the drop-down menu. Important! If you don't opt to send a welcome email now you wont be able to send one at a later date - unless you delete and re-upload the users.

    Assigned quizzes - assign assessments or tests for the user to complete as a respondent.

    Assigned groups - assign the user to a group where they're assigned quizzes to complete as a respondent.

    *minimum information required.

  6. Once the spreadsheet is complete - save the file in excel 2013 or later as a .xlsx file.
  7. Return to the Users tab on
  8. Press bulk upload users and then press Select File.
  9. Choose your file and upload it.

It may take a few minutes for your file to upload, depending on the number of new user accounts you've added to the document.

You will be notified, If there are any errors in the file, such as a username already exists, or the number of accounts exceeds the limits in your plan. All accepted new user accounts will be created and added to your user dashboard.

If you've requested a welcome email - it will be sent to the new account holder straight away.

Respondents, Trainers or Admins will be able to log in to their new account using the username and password. Depending on their account type, they'll be able to start creating, editing, analyzing or completing quizzes.

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