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Set up multiple users with our Excel spreadsheet

You can bulk-upload multiple users simultaneously instead of adding one at a time.

Once the file is uploaded, you can request that we automatically send a welcome email to the new user with their username and password.

Explore how to bulk upload users with FlexiQuiz.

How to bulk upload users with our Excel template

You must be the main Admin or a Trainer/Admin with user permissions to create additional user accounts.

  1. To start, log in to your FlexiQuiz account and select Users from the top menu. This opens your user management screen, where you can manage all users linked to your account.
  2. Now press Bulk upload users and a window will open with instructions on downloading and uploading the user template.
  3. Then press Download template and open the Excel template. screen showing download template button for bulk uploading quiz users
  4. Add the relevant information to the template. At a minimum, you must provide a unique username and choose a user type from the drop-down menu. Here are the definitions for each column:

    Username: Required in order for the user to log into their FlexiQuiz account. The username must be unique and not used by anyone else on our database. If you provide an email address, FlexiQuiz can send a welcome email on your behalf.

    Password: Required in order for the user to log in to their account. You can provide a password or leave the space blank and we will automatically generate one for you.

    Email address: Use the format @yourdomain. This field is essential if you would like FlexiQuiz to send a welcome email on your behalf.

    First name: This name will be added to certificates and will identify the user on your Analyze screen.

    Last name: This name will be added to certificates and will identify the user on your Analyze screen.

    User type: Select the type of account access you want to give the user. You can pick Respondent, Trainer or Administrator from the drop-down menu. If you want to customize permissions for the Trainer or Administrator, you need to do this manually on the user management screen.

    Send welcome email: Select yes or no from the drop-down menu to send a customized welcome email to the new user. The email contains information to help the user log in, including their username and password. You can customize the email from your Settings/Emails screen.

    Assigned quizzes: Assign assessments or tests for the user to complete as a respondent.

    Assigned groups: Assign the user to a group with quizzes for them to complete as a respondent.

    excel spreadsheet sample showing columns of information needed for quiz users
  5. Once the spreadsheet is complete, save the file in Excel 2013 or later as a .xlsx file.
  6. When you are ready to upload your Excel template, return to the pop-up window on your user management screen and press Select File. Now you can choose and upload your file.

Depending on the number of new user accounts you are creating, it may take a few minutes for your file to upload.

Once you have successfully uploaded the users, they will appear on your user management screen. If you chose to send a welcome email, it will automatically go to the new user.

Respondents, Trainers or Admins can log in to their new account using the username and password that they've been allocated.

Frequently asked questions

How many users can I bulk upload?

The number of new users you can upload depends on your FlexiQuiz plan. These are the limits for each plan:

Essentials - 100 Respondent portals.

Premium - 800 Respondent portals and 1 Trainer or Administrator account.

Enterprise - 5,000 Respondent portals and 15 Trainer or Administrator accounts. You can upload no more than 1000 users on one spreadsheet.

Please see our pricing page for more information.

Why have I been notified that the user already exists when I cannot see them on my user management screen?

You can quickly check if the user is linked to your account by entering their username in the Search field.

If they are not listed on your user management list, it could be that the username is already used by someone else on our platform. If you provide a fairly common username, there is a bigger chance it is already in use on our platform.

If you have provided the user's email address as a username, they might already have created a FlexiQuiz account. Please speak to the user who owns the email address. The user must log into their existing FlexiQuiz account to change their username, or they can delete the account if it's no longer required.

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