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You have a choice of ways to show paricipants if their answers are right or wrong, share correct answers and provide any feedback.  These options include:

  1. During the quiz - when quiz takers save their responses on each page
  2. At the end of the test - when all responses have been submitted
  3. Both - during and at the end of the test


Or, you can opt to not share any results and answers with participants. Maybe, you may have a number of quiz takers doing the test over the same time period and you don't want them to share information with others. 


Take this short quiz to see what instant marking, showing answers and sharing feedback can look like:



How to add feedback to your quiz

Feedback gives you the opportunity to explain the rationale for answers being right or wrong which can help quiz takers with their development.  

To add feedback, follow these simple steps:

  • Create your quiz, test or assessment
  • Add a question
  • Under the question field select show question feedback
  • You can choose to split the feedback based on correct and incorrect answers
  • Type your feedback in the white text boxes (see example below)

          Top tip: Premium and Enterprise plan members can also add images, videos and audio to enhance the feedback messaging.


Example of the question page for creating feedback text:

   New question


  • You can decide which questions you want to answer feedback (it's doesn't need to be every question)
  • Finish creating the questions on your quiz, test or assessment
  • Configure when to share the feedback during or after the quiz


How to configure when to share 

During the quiz - when quiz takers save their responses on the page, FlexiQuiz will automatically mark the answer and share any feedback  

  • Create your quiz
  • Select the Configure tab
  • Select Results from the left-hand menu
  • On the results page, tick Show answers during quiz
  • Finish configuring your quiz (for example; number of questions per page, time limits, colors and more)
  • Publish your quiz


Show answers   


When the participant has responded to each question they need to press save. Participants will be shown their marked answers with a tick or a cross, the correct answer and any feedback.

Participants need to press next page or submit to move forward.  Premium plan members can change the text and colors of the buttons shown to participants.

If you have set a time limit for the quiz, the time won't stop while participants review the correct answers and feedback. The clock keeps ticking!


At the end of the quiz - share the marked answers and any feedback. Essentials, Premium and Enterprise plan members can also send email notifications.
  • Create your quiz, test or assessment
  • Select the Configure tab
  • Select Results from the left-hand menu
  • Tick Show results page
  • Tick which information you want to share with participants once the quiz is submitted
  • Finish configuring the quiz and Publish


Example of the Results Configuration page:



You can change the results configuration at any time - the quiz can be in design, open or closed.  However, any changes will not apply to quizzes that are in progress or completed by the participant.


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