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Manually scoring your quizzes

Manually scoring commonly applies to situations where the assessment requires a level of subjectivity, critical analysis or creative evaluation - when automated systems cannot measure accurately.

With FlexiQuiz quiz maker, free-text and file-upload questions need manual marking due to the nature of the responses. You can also manually mark all other question types to update scores, share feedback or for a more personalized view of the assessment.

How to manually mark individual quiz questions

  1. To start, create, configure and share your quiz with your audience. Once a respondent takes your quiz, it appears on your Analyze screen.
  2. You can access your Analyze screen from your main dashboard. Simply click Analyze next to the relevant quiz and the Analyze screen opens that lists all quiz-takers who have started your assessment.
  3. Scroll down the page to find the relevant user and select action.
  4. Now press view. A Responses page will pop up that shows the quiz-takers' current score and a list of all questions with the responses given.
  5. You can scroll up and down the page to find the questions that you want to manually mark. If the learner has has attached a file as part of their response, you can click on the document to view the content. quiz responses page listing all questions, responses given and scores
  6. Then press edit and the Edit Response Details window appears. place for quiz maker to enter points and any feedback for a user
  7. Enter the relevant information in each box:
    • Point score: Number of points that you want to award this individual.
    • Points available: Total points available for this question.
    • Feedback: A free format space to add comments about the score or to share feedback.
  8. Finally, press Save changes.

Your Responses and Analyze screens will update showing the new scores, pass grades and any certificates.

How to change the score for the whole quiz

  1. To start go to the Analyze screen for the relevant quiz.
  2. Now press select action next to the learner that you want to update.
  3. Then select edit from the drop-down menu.
  4. The Edit Details window will pop up, allowing you to edit the respondents results. This is a summary of each option:
    • Points: Total points that you are going to award for this quiz.
    • Available points: Maximum number of points that respondents can earn for this quiz.
    • Grade: The learner's current grade is displayed, but you can delete this and manually type in a grade.
    • Pass: Tick this box if the learner qualifies for a pass grade.
    page to edit quiz results for a respondent
  5. Now press Save changes

Your Responses and Analyze screens will update with the new results and any qualifying certificates.

Frequently asked questions

Can I share results after I have manually scored the quiz?

If you are marking a quiz manually you might not want to show the learner their interim score straight after they submit their quiz.

With FlexiQuiz you have a few options.

  • Customize the results page and include a message about when results will be shared.
  • Remove the results page.
  • Add a Thank You page with information about the next steps.
  • Automatically send a custom email when the quiz is submitted, including next steps.
  • Manually send an email with results from your Analyze screen.

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