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Manually scoring a quiz, test, or assessment

FlexiQuiz will automatically mark, score, and grade most question types. However, free format and file upload questions need manual marking due to the nature of the responses. You also have the flexibility to manually score any submitted questions and quizzes so that you can change the test taker's score.

If the number of points awarded is changed, the FlexiQuiz system automatically recalculates the participant's total score and identifies if they pass or fail. You can share the updated scores with participants manually or using email notifications.

This guide shows you how to manually change the score for each question and the whole quiz.

How to mark individual questions

  1. From the Analyze screen, press select action next to the relevant user.
  2. Choose view from the drop-down menu. analyze screen and how to change score for each question

    The pop-up will show all quiz questions and the test taker's responses. The FlexiQuiz system will display the marks for any questions that can be automatically scored, such as MCQ and fill-in-the-blanks.

    PDF of questions and responses
  3. Press edit next to any question that you would like to mark.
  4. A further pop up will appear for you to add your marks: edit score per response pop-up
    • Points score: Enter the number of points that you would like to award the test taker.
    • Points available: Maximum number of points available for the question.
    • Feedback: You can add any comments regarding the question. Your user will only see the comments if you share the PDF report with them.
  5. Press save changes.

Top tip! If the FlexiQuiz system has captured an email address for the test taker, you can opt to send an updated results notification direct from your Analyze screen.

Option for manually scoring Respondents who are part of a Group

If the test taker has a Respondent account and is part of a group, you can manually score the questions described above from the Reports screen.

  1. Select Reports from the menu along the top.
  2. Next to report type, choose Group, and choose the relevant group.

    The table lists all users and quizzes assigned to this group.

  3. Select the relevant User and Quiz
  4. Repeat steps 3 to 5 above.

How to change the score for the whole quiz

  1. From the Analyze screen, press select action next to the relevant user.

    A pop-up will appear that shows the test taker's current score, grade, and if they have passed or failed the quiz.

    pop-up to edit grades for the whole quiz
  2. Update the appropriate fields:
    • Points: Number of points awarded to the test taker.
    • Available points: Available points.
    • Grade: Grade for the student's work.
    • Pass check box: If the check box is selected, the student has passed the test.
  3. Press save changes.

The Analyze and Results screens will display your updated scores.

Once you've updated the scores, you can also email updated results and certificates to respondents who have provided an email address.

Top tip! You cannot manually mark and score a quiz that is not submitted.

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