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Managing your FlexiQuiz account settings

All FlexiQuiz User accounts can have access to a settings page to manage their account details. However, what the user sees and can change depends on their account type.

Administrator and Main Administrator - your name, time zone, marketing consent, FlexiQuiz plan options, the ability to delete the account and payment details.

Trainer - your name, time zone, and marketing consent.

Respondent - basic settings depending on what the administrator or trainer assigns.

To get to your account settings page:

  1. Log in to your FlexiQuiz account.
  2. Select Settings from the menu along the top.
Account settings header

This guide shows you how to manage your account settings.

Name on account

The name field can be shared with other users and so can be your name, your organizations name or email address.

To update your name fields:

  1. Go to the settings page.
  2. Type your name over any existing text in the first name and last name boxes.

In this example, I've added the names - Name 1 and Name 2.

image to show where to change your name

Once you've added your text, the data will save immediately and can now be displayed in the following areas:

  • marketing communications that we send you
  • email notifications that FlexiQuiz sends to your Users on your behalf. Many of our customers use this space for their company name, your contact details or your name.

Top Tip! The name of the User who creates and publishes the quiz will be shown on the bottom of all email notifications related to that test or exam.

This image shows how The names, Name 1 and Name 2 are displayed on a standard quiz invite emailed to quiz takers.

email notification with the quiz makers name

Time zone

By default, all new FlexiQuiz Admin accounts are set to MST (Mountain Standard Time). However, you can change this to any time zone.

The time zone is used to record the time exams are submitted and to schedule a quiz start and end time. The time zone on the main account Admin is automatically used for all new accounts.

To update the time zone:

  1. Go to the Settings page
  2. Next to Time zone click on the arrow - this shows a list of the world's time zones
  3. Click on your relevant time zone
Set time zone to manage quizzes

Your new time zone is instantly set. Any online quizzes that are taken from this point will be reported in your new time zone.

Marketing consent

If you're an Administrator or Trainer, you can select if you'd like to receive any email marketing communications from FlexiQuiz including hints and tips that are designed to help improve your FlexiQuiz experience.

We do not sell your data to third parties.

The main FlexiQuiz account Administrator is given the option to opt-in to receiving marketing communications when creating a FlexiQuiz account.

Once an account is created, everyone can manage marketing preferences through settings. Tick the box to receive emails and untick the box to opt-out.

Note! Respondents cannot opt-in to receive marketing communications from FlexiQuiz.

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