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Viewing test takers results

With FlexiQuiz, you can view participant's results when the quiz is submitted or in progress. FlexiQuiz offers a vast range of data, including the answers given, number of points awarded, time taken per page, duration of the whole quiz, number of attempts, grade, and more.

Account Admins and Trainers with relevant permissions can view quiz results when they login to their FlexiQuiz account. Results are available to view, edit, and examine on the Analyze and Reports screens.

This guide shows you how to view results on the Analyze screen.

How to view submitted quizzes

  1. Login to your FlexiQuiz account
  2. From your main dashboard, select the relevant quiz and press Analyze

    This will display your analyze screen and table of results.

    The analyze table is automatically configured to list every individual who has submitted their quiz for the final time. Important If test takers are allowed to take the quiz multiple times, their results will only be displayed if they have not restarted the quiz. If the participant completes the examination and starts the test again, the results will not be displayed unless you select to view unsubmitted quizzes - see information below.

    results table with submitted quizzes
  3. To sort the data, press the name at the top of each column. An up/down arrow will appear
  4. For a more detailed view of each test takers results, press select action and choose view from the drop-down menu.
  5. You can select which columns to show, press the three dots on the right of the table. Choose Configure columns from the drop-down menu and check the box for each column of data you would like to view.

How to view quizzes in progress or not submitted

  1. Go to the Analyze screen
  2. Press the toggle; Include unsubmitted quizzes results table with submitted and non submitted quizzes

    The toggle will change to orange. All participants are listed, including:

    • People who started the examination and did not submit
    • Test takers who are assigned to take the quiz with an email invite or Respondent account.
    • Participants who accessed the quiz with a quiz link and viewed the welcome page but did not start the test.

    Top tip! If the quiz has a time limit, the test will not automatically submit if the test taker leaves the examination before the time expires.

  3. To view the quiz status for each participant, go to the Date submitted column. These are the definitions for each group:
    • Not started: The test taker has not started taking the quiz. For example:
      • If you have a welcome page, they have not pressed Start.
      • All participants assigned using an email invite or Respondent account are automatically listed.
      • Users who take the test using a quiz link will only be displayed if they have opened the welcome page.
    • Not submitted: The quiz has been started and not yet submitted.
    • Date provided: The date the quiz was submitted either automatically or by the test taker. The date shown is based on the time zone selected in your settings screen.
  4. To view, any questions already answered select press action and choose to view current responses from the drop-down menu.

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