Help / Changing FlexiQuiz account ownership

Transferring FlexiQuiz account ownership

The main Administrator (Admin) is the owner of the FlexiQuiz account. The owner has full access to all users, groups and quizzes associated with the account.

We identify the main Admin using the email address associated with the username (an email address). Therefore, it's essential to ensure the main Admin username is always kept up to date so that we can reach you with important info and our support team is authorized to help you.

How to change the main Admin

The existing main Admin and other account Admins with user permissions can update the username for the main Administrator.

  1. Log in to your FlexiQuiz account.
  2. Select Users from the top menu to open your users dashboard.
  3. Click on the username for the main Admin to display the user's profile.
  4. Top tip! You can sort by Created to find the main Admin quickly - they are the first account created.

    dashboard with flexiquiz users linked to your account
  5. Next, update the Username (Email) field - this must be a valid email address for the new account owner.
  6. Box for main quiz maker to update email address
  7. To update the password, press the green Reset Password button. We provide a unique password; you can delete this and add your own.
  8. Press the blue Save button.
  9. button to save updated user

If the main Admin left your company, and you cannot use their account to change ownership, send us a message.

Updating billing details

Follow these steps to update the payment details held for any subscription payments.

  1. Choose Settings from the top menu.
  2. Scroll down the page and press Update payment details.
  3. You are taken to our payment processor, Stripe, to enter your new card details.
  4. Enter the new payment information and press Save card.
  5. Text will show that your updated card payment details are saved.

The new card details will be used for future payments until you cancel. Payment receipts are emailed to the account's main Administrator.

Changing the name displayed at the bottom of email notifications

Any email notifications that you send include the name of the Admin or Trainer.

To change the name or email address displayed, go to Settings and update the details next to First name and Last name.

Top tip! We recommend that you include an email address so that it's easy for the test taker to contact you if required.

Types of email notifications:

  • Quiz invitations: Invite respondents to take a quiz.
  • Welcome emails: Send an email to say 'hello' to new Respondent, Trainer or Administrator accounts.
  • Quiz results: Share quiz results at the end of the quiz or at a later time

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