Help / How to suspend and unsuspend user accounts

Suspending user accounts

You can make an Administrator, Trainer or Respondent account inactive by suspending access.

Suspending a user from their FlexiQuiz account will temporarily block them from accessing their quizzes and data. However, this does not delete the user's profile or data from your main account.

Important! If you suspend a user account, this will still count as part of your Administrator, Trainer or Respondent limits. To remove the user from your account limits you will need to delete the account and all the data.

Admins and Trainers with permissions can suspend and unsuspend user accounts.

This guide shows you how to suspend and unsuspend user accounts.

How to suspend and unsuspend multiple accounts

  1. Login to your FlexiQuiz account
  2. Select Users from the top menu
  3. From your user's dashboard, tick the box for every user that you would like to suspend or unsuspend
  4. Press the Suspend icon on the top of the table
Users screen with an arrow to the box to tick for suspending FlexiQuiz accounts

The chosen accounts are automatically suspended. Users are not able to log in to their FlexiQuiz account and are shown a message that the account is suspended.

You can check the status for all your user accounts on your user dashboard. You will see a suspend icon next to the username if their account access is blocked.

Users screen with suspend icons

How to suspend and unsuspend a single user account

  1. From your user dashboard, choose the relevant user to open their profile page
  2. Scroll down to Suspended and tick the box
  3. To unsuspend the account, untick the Suspend box
  4. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and press the blue Save button to update the account with your changes
User profile screen with suspend tick box

Top tip! You cannot suspend the main Admins account as they own the account. If the main Admin leaves your organization and you need to block their access, you must add a new main Admin. This guide shows you how to change the main account Administrator.

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