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Scoring your live quiz

FlexiQuiz offers a choice of ways to score a live quiz, and you can also choose not to award points.

Each question is auto-scored after all players have submitted their answers. Players can see if they got the question right or wrong and view a running total of points collected.

You can view and share a leaderboard of the total points scored for each player.

Important! You cannot award points or a text/ media slide or free text question.

This guide shows you the scoring options and how to set the points on your live quiz.

How to set the quiz scores

To start, log in to your FlexiQuiz account and from your main dashboard, press Create Quiz and choose Live Quiz Event.

There are a choice of ways to award points on your live quizzes.

Option 1: Points per question

Players are awarded points for getting the whole question correct. If the question has several parts, the player must correctly answer every part to earn the points.

  1. Add your first question and add any answer options
  2. Highlight the correct response that will award points to the players
  3. On the top right of the question box, enter the number of points to award for the correct response Box to enter points for quiz question
  4. Format the question
  5. Press the blue Save button to add the question to your quiz

Players are awarded the set points if they get the whole question right.

Option 2: Points per answer option:

You can add or deduct points based on the player's response. If the question has several parts, players can get more points for each correct answer.

  1. Add your question and any answer options
  2. Tick the box set option points. Blank boxes will now appear next to each answer option.
  3. Enter the number of points you would like to add or subtract based on the answer selected Screen to add points for each answer option
  4. Format the quiz question
  5. Press the blue Save button to add the question to your quiz.

Option 3: Bonus points for the fastest time

  1. Create your quiz using 'points per question' or 'points per answer option'
  2. Select the Configure tab
  3. Tick the box Time bonus
  4. Set the weighting - the maximum number of bonus points that the player can earn as a percentage of points awarded. Tick box to add a time bonus for the whole quiz

The bonus points are now applied to all questions in your quiz.

Option 4: Including a question with no points

  1. Add a question and any answer options

    Important! Do not select any correct answer options

  2. Use the points per question scoring. In the question box, on the top right, change the number 1 to 0 Screen to award zero points on live quiz question
  3. Format the question
  4. Press the blue Save button to add the question to your quiz

Players will not be awarded points for answering the question as there are no right or wrong answers.

However, the host will still see the scoreboard after every question.

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