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Scoring your live quiz games

Our FlexiQuiz live scoring system is designed to work for both educational and entertainment purposes in various settings.

You can score your live quiz is various ways, such as awards for correct answers, speed bonuses, partial credits and deductions for wrong answers.

The FlexiQuiz system will automatically score and grade your quizzes based on the points and rules you have set.

This guide explores the ways you can score your live quiz games.

#1. Award points for giving the correct answer to the whole question

You can award players for giving the correct response to the whole question. If the question has several parts, the player must correctly answer every part to earn points.

  1. To start, make a live quiz game or edit an existing one.
  2. Next, click Add question and your question editor will pop up. You can now add and format your question.
  3. Enter the number of points you want to award in the box on the top right. You can enter the points as a whole number or with a decimal point. live quiz question editor with arrow to box for entering points
  4. Click Save to add the question to your quiz.

#2. A partial credit or points deduction

For questions with multiple parts or components, you can give players partial credit for answering some parts correctly, even if they don't get the entire question right.

  1. Create a live quiz game or edit an existing one.
  2. Next, click Add question, and the editor will pop up, allowing you to add and edit your question.
  3. To set the score, tick the box Set option points and empty boxes will appear next to each answer option.
  4. Enter the number of points you want to add or deduct in the boxes. Question editor with answer options boxes to enter positive or negative numbers
  5. Click Save to add the question to your quiz.

#3. Speed bonuses

You can award extra points for players depending on how quickly they give the correct response.

The time bonus only applies to questions with a time limit, as the system awards the bonus points on how quickly players answer versus the timer. The bonus points do not count towards grading or certificates.

  1. To start, create your quiz and set the points for each question using set option points or points for the whole question.
  2. Next, select the Configure tab and pick General from the left-hand menu.
  3. Now tick the box Time bonus and set the weighting, The weighting is the maximum number of points the player can earn as a percentage of points awarded. quiz configuration page with box to enter points for fast answers
  4. Once you have configured your quiz, you can play a demo to see how it works

Frequently asked questions

Can the host track how many points players get during the game?

Yes, a leaderboard will appear after each question, showing the player's total scores and position.

Where players have the same number of points, the leaderboard will order the players by who has answered the quickest.

Can I refer to the scores after the quiz ends?

Yes, all scores are available on your analyze screen. However, speed bonus points are not included.

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