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Previewing your live quiz games

Demo mode lets you view and interact with your live quiz as a host and a player.

There are many customization options to a live quiz game, so by previewing the presentation, you can ensure everything looks and works as expected.

How to preview and test your live quiz

  1. Make your live quiz game with FlexiQuiz.
  2. From your create screen, press Play Demo Quiz live quiz with an arrow pointing to start demo button
  3. You can choose to practice as the host of a player. For this article, I will view the quiz as a host. Top tip! The host view also allows you to interact as a player. pop up with options to play live quiz as a host or player
  4. You will now see two screens.
    • The hosts live lounge.
    • The player's mobile view.
    FlexiQuiz live hosts screen and players mobile view
  5. You may need to wait a few moments for the six computer-generated players to join. You cannot start the demo without any players. When the players have joined and you are ready to start, click Play Demo. The countdown timer begins and then the first screen appears.
  6. The host's screen allows you to check the time remaining and how many computer-generated players have responded. flexiquiz live question page
  7. You can respond to the question as a player using the mobile view.
  8. If you want to move straight to the leaderboard and stop people answering, press Answers
  9. If you press Answers or when all players have responded, the screen shows the correct answer. You can see how many players have given each answer option.
  10. To move to the next screen, press Results
  11. The leaderboard appears, which shows the player's current positions, scores and time taken.
  12. To move to the next question, press Next
  13. Repeat steps 6 to 12 until you reach the final leaderboard.

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