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Premium and Enterprise members can create additional Administrator (Admin) accounts for easier quiz collaboration. Plus, it's a cost-effective way for many people across your organization to access the premium features to make their own great online tests, exams or courses.


Additional Admins will have:

► Access to all data associated to the main account

Access to edit and generate tests or courses using all the Premium features

 Ability to set up and manage new users - administrators, groupstrainers or respondents 

A personalized account settings page - password, time zone, and marketing consent.

► If the main account Admin closes the Premium plan, FlexiQuiz will notify all Admins and their access will change to Respondent only.


How to create additional Admin accounts

For a video guide, please scroll down the page.

1. The main account Admin will need to login to their FlexiQuiz account

2. From the dashboard, select the tab Users 

3. Press Create User

4. You will be shown the following new user screen, scroll down to User type and select Administrator 


      Select user type 


5. At a minimum, you need to provide a Username that the Admin will use to login to their account 

       → The Username needs to be Unique (not held by any other FlexiQuiz user)

       → If the Username is an email address, the Admin will be able to reset their passwords online (if it's forgotten!)

6. You can choose to add Email, First name and Last name

7. Press Save

8. Share Username and Password with the new Admin.  

New Account Admins will have immediate access to their account.  When they login they will have access to the same dashboard and quiz data as Main account Admins.  The Account Admin will be able to update their password under settings.


This is a video guide on how to set up new administrator accounts in less than 1 minute:




How to delete Administrators (Admin)

Admins can be deleted by any teams main Admin or any other Admin associated to the account.

1. From the dashboard, go to Users

2. Press Select Action

3. From the drop-down menu, select delete

4. You will be asked if you are sure you want to delete the account

5. If you press delete the account will be closed:

        The Admin will no longer be able to access their account

        If they have taken any quizzes or tests, the results will no longer show on the dashboard

        Any tests or quizzes that they've made will be reassigned to the main Account Admin

       You will not be able to reactivate the account


How to Suspend an Admin Account

There may be times when you need to temporarily suspend an Admins access e.g. they have gone on maternity leave or an extended vacation.

1. Go to the User screen

2. From Select action, select edit

3. Tick the box suspend

You can reactivate the account at any time by unticking the box 



Can an Admin make payments to retain the Premium or Enterprise features? (The Main Account Admin has left the organization and will no longer be making payments)

Yes, login and go to your account settings.  There is an option to update payment details.

To discuss further, please contact us.


Can an Account Admin be assigned tests to be taken, without the need for an additional respondent account?

Yes, Admins can be assigned tests, courses and groups in the same way as a respondent. 

The Admins account will have a separate tab named 'Assigned Quizzes'.


What happens if the Admin leaves the business?  

It is the responsibility of the Main Account Admin to ensure all Users and their relevant permissions are kept updated.  FlexiQuiz cannot be held responsible if someone accesses their companies FlexiQuiz account and makes any changes.  If this does happen, please contact us as soon as possible and we will try to help.

We strongly recommend that the Main Account Admin review all User accounts on a monthly basis.


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