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Analyzing results for groups

Group reports give you an instant snapshot of quiz results for the assigned Respondents within one of your groups. You can sort data based on your requirements and download the report in a spreadsheet format to quickly create graphs or tables.

Group reports are a useful tool for team managers or teachers to gain insight into the group's performance, such as a class, team, or department. Group reports can be downloaded and shared, or managers can instantly access the data through an Administrator or Trainer account.

The guide will show you how to view and manage Group reports.

How to access Group reports

  1. Select Reports from the top menu
  2. Go to the Report Type, choose Group from the drop-down menu
  3. Choose the group that you would like to view from the drop-down menu
  4. how to find group reports

The system will display a table listing all of the Respondents in your group, along with the assigned quizzes and a summary of results.

Example of Groups report

Top Tip! All completed quizzes are highlighted in green so you can easily see which users have submitted the assignment.

How to work with your reports

  • Order your data by the Respondent's username:. Click on the Name arrow to sort alphabetically in ascending or descending order.
  • Filter by quiz results:. Select a quiz and click on the arrows to sort by score.
  • Search by any text or value: Enter the text or number in the search box and all responses that contain the data will be displayed.
  • Download the data in an excel document: Click Export to download in a spreadsheet for saving, creating charts or sharing.
  • Select the number of Users to view per page: Click the drop-down menu next to show entries and select the number of Respondents that you will like to view per page.

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