Help / How to assign a quiz to a user

Assign training courses and tests

It is easy to administer quizzes for individuals, teams or groups within your organization by using the assign users option. Once you've created a Respondent, Trainer or Admin portal, you can quickly assign relevant quizzes and training courses from the Publish screen. Users can log into their portal to view and complete quizzes assigned to them.

This article will show you how to assign tests and courses to Users associated with your main account.

How to assign quizzes, tests or courses

  • Create and configure your online quiz, test or course
  • Go to the Publish screen
  • Press Publish Quiz
  • Scroll down the page and tick Assign users/ groups
  • Press the green Assign Users button

A pop-up will appear with the heading Select users to assign. The Available box lists all user accounts associated with your organizations' main account.

If the user is not listed, you can add them straight away - click Create New User and provide the required information for a Respondent, Trainer or Admin account

  • Click on and highlight the user account that you would like to assign your quiz to
  • Press >>

The user will move from the Available box to the Assigned box.

how to assign users

  • Repeat the process to assign the quiz to all the relevant user accounts
  • Press Save

The Publish screen will now show a list of all user accounts that you have assigned your quiz to. Users will be able to log-in to their accounts to access and complete the quiz straight away.

Restrict user access

There may be times when you want to restrict users accessing your training courses or tests, this could be because someone has left your company or you need the work completed by a set date. FlexiQuiz offers many configurable options to help you manage access to your quiz content.

Set time-limits

Allow assigned users to access your quiz between specific dates and times. This guide will show you how to set an automatic start and end date. Users will only be able to access your quiz content during the set times.

You can also manually close the quiz at any time by going to the Publish screen and pressing Close Quiz.

Removing users from the quiz

You can remove users from your quiz at any time from the Publish screen. To remove users from the Publish screen follow these steps:

  • From the Publish screen press Assign Users
  • In the Assigned box, highlight the user that you want to remove
  • Press <<

    The user will move from the Assigned box to the Available box

  • Press save

    The User will no longer be able to access your FlexiQuiz content. Results will be saved on your Analyze dashboard.