Help / Creating an online quiz with audio files

Adding sound to your online quiz, test, or assessment.

With FlexiQuiz, the online quiz maker you can add audio to your test using an MP3 file. This could be music, film clips, sounds, or your own voice providing instruction and encouragement.

This is a great tool that can be used for various reasons such as:

  • Foreign language teachers can read a phrase and ask the quiz taker to translate.
  • Quiz trivia nights to play music for contestants to provide the correct answer for the song name, title, or artist.
  • Providing instruction and guidance for students who may have reading difficulties.

This guide will show you how to add an audio file to your FlexiQuiz.

How to add an audio file to your online quiz

The audio file option is available for Premium and Enterprise members only.

  1. Make a test or open an existing quiz.
  2. From the Create tab, select where you would like to add an audio file. You can choose from the following places:

    In this example, I am going to add an audio file to the feedback section of the quiz. The process is the same for any FlexiQuiz page where you would like to add an audio file.

  3. Add a question by pressing Add item and choosing Question from the drop-down menu.
  4. Choose your question type and add your question to the text box.
  5. Tick the box Show question feedback.

    You can choose to give everyone the same question feedback or split the feedback based on correct and incorrect answers. In this example, I will provide the same feedback for everyone.

  6. Choose where you would like to put the audio on the page - you can accompany the audio with text and images.
  7. Select more
  8. Press the speaker icon flexiquiz page with the speaker icon

    A pop-up will appear for you to add your audio file.

    pop up to add audio file
  9. Press Choose audio file
  10. Select the audio file you would like to add.

    Important! The audio file must be in an MP3 format and no larger than 10 MB in size. Premium plan members can have a maximum of 10 media files in every quiz. The limits are larger for Enterprise members.

  11. Once the file has uploaded, it will be displayed on your screen, as shown in the image below. Press Save. audio file displayed on the quiz page
  12. Your audio file will be displayed in your feedback box. You can delete that file at any time, just press the backward button on your keyboard. audio file on exam feedback page
  13. Finish adding any additional questions and feedback to your online test.
  14. To view how the audio files will look for quiz takers, press Preview on the top right of the page.

Note! Audio cannot be set to autoplay when being added to your quiz.

Quiz takers will have the following experience:

  • To listen to the audio file, quiz takers will need to press the play button - they can choose to play the sound recording multiple times.
  • The sound volume can be adjusted by clicking on the speaker part of the icon.

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