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Make engaging online quizzes for students

FlexiQuiz is a flexible quiz maker solution for teachers that makes it easy to create custom tests for students of all ages, abilities, and subjects.

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Quizzes for students can be fun and interactive, such as icebreakers or trivia quizzes. In addition, quizzes and tests can help students get ready for formal examinations with custom learning paths and mock tests.

Our secure online quiz maker platform allows students to take tests on almost any device either in the classroom or remotely.

As they say, "variety is the spice of life". As such, students also need a full range of quizzes to maintain their interest and support their educational needs as they grow.

These are a few types of quizzes you can create that will engage your class and support learning development.


Homework allows students to practise skills taught in the classroom and encourages independent thinking.

Top features for building tests for homework

  • A variety of question types that you can configure to meet your learning objectives. For example:
    • File upload: Allow students to upload assignments or coursework such as presentations, videos, pictures, and sound recordings.
    • Multiple-choice: Test your learners recollections of a subject with some quick-fire questions.
    • Essay:
  • Share additional reading and learning material using our text/ media pages. You can easily check whose completed the test, time on the page, and provide a short test to check learners understanding.
  • Custom certificates to reward students for doing well.

Mock tests

Mock tests allow you to assess a students knowledge and for them to practise for formal examinations.

  • Create tests for students to complete in examinations conditions. For example:
    • Time limits
    • Grading
    • A range of question types.
  • Share custom feedback based on right or wrong answers to support future development.
  • Identify areas that require more focus and set up a custom learning path.
  • Allow students to repeat the test multiple times with questions randomly picked from the question bank.
  • Use a range of tools to minimize the opportunity for cheating.

Classroom quizzes

Set quizzes for students to complete at their own pace. Tests are auto scored so that students can see marks and identify any areas for improvement.

Coming soon - live quiz events.


Icebreaker games are a great way to help students get to know each other and keep the whole class interested.

Create your own icebreaker games at the start of term, beginning of a lesson, or to wrap up a class in a positive way.

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