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FlexiQuiz is an easy-to-use quiz maker solution that helps you build mathematics tests for all years and abilities.

Build fun, engaging, and measurable tests with our vast range of features. Pick from multiple-choice questions or use eight other question types, add some graphs, and recognize students for doing well with some fun GIFs or images.

Make a math test sample seven times table test

This guide gives you some ideas for creating your next maths test. Check out our:

  • Sample online tests
  • Useful configuration options
  • Ideas to make tests more challenging

Sample mathematic tests

Test your numerical skills with these free mathematical tests.

Questions range from simple arithmetic like addition, subtraction, and times tables to more complex queries where you need to interpret numerical information displayed as diagrams, tables, and graphs.

Easy timed times table

Timed times table

Numerical reasoning

Number sequence tests

More number sequence tests

Useful configuration tools

Mathematical formulae and symbols: Create questions, answer options, and feedback that contains equations, symbols, and formulae.

Time tracker: Time how long students take on each page to track whose the fastest or who could be cheating.

Grade based redirects: Allow students who perform well to progress to the next level quickly.

Custom feedback: Provide students with detailed solutions to help them learn from mistakes.



Add images, videos, audio, and GIFs: Create engaging and interactive quizzes with a range of media.

Background images:

Customize the colors, fonts, and headers:

Certificates: Reward students for doing well with a custom certificates or using one of our templates.

Maximum quiz attempts: Allow students to practice by taking your test multiple times, limit the number of times users can take the test, or only allow people to retry if they fail.

Powerful reporting:

Welcome pages: Provide test-takers with clear instructions about what to expect before the test and countdown timer starts.

Making your mathematics tests more challenging

Time limits

  • With unlimited time, most test-takers can answer all your question correctly. Add a time limit by question, page, or the whole quiz to stop students from looking up answers.

Multiple question types

  • Share a variety of question types to tests students different abilities. For example, free format or file upload questions are a great way for students to share their calculation.

Negative scoring

  • Deduct points if test-takers get the answer wrong.

Start creating your own mathematics tests for free.

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