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Embed multiple videos

Videos are an excellent tool for adding to your online test or course, as they can help you share important information or make a quiz more interactive and engaging. With FlexiQuiz, you can embed various video clips to your quizzes in a choice of places such as:

  • Welcome screens.
  • All quiz questions.
  • Text/ Media pages.
  • Thank you, screens.
  • Quiz email invites.
  • Question feedback pages based on the wrong or correct answers.

Important! Currently, you cannot add a video to a live quiz.

There is no limit to the number of videos that you can embed in your online quiz. The videos will also look great on any device, such as mobile, tablet, or desktop.

This guide shows you how to embed a video from Vimeo or YouTube within your FlexiQuiz.

How to embed a video

To start, you will need to retrieve the embed code for the YouTube or Vimeo video that you would like to embed on your FlexiQuiz.

  1. Copy the code from YouTube or Vimeo sites. The embed code typically looks like this: HTML code for embedding a video in a quiz

    In this example, I will embed a video in a single choice question from Vimeo.

  2. Return to the FlexiQuiz site and log in to your account.
  3. Create a new quiz or open an existing test.
  4. Add a new question.
  5. In the Question box, click on the YouTube icon. Screenshot showing YouTube button

    A pop up will be appear called Embed Your YouTube video. This button also works well with videos from Vimeo.

  6. Paste the code from your Vimeo or YouTube video in the box called Paste embed code here. Where to paste video embed code into your quiz question

    Note! Videos cannot be set to autoplay when added to your quiz. When you add a video to FlexiQuiz, we only take the embed code to display it, ignoring the other buttons such as autoplay.

  7. To resize the image, you will need to change the width and height within the embed code. The example below shows the height and width of the code. embed code with height and width code highlighted
  8. Once the code is ready, click ok.

    The video is displayed within your question content. You can add text and other images to the page to form part pf your quiz question. If you need to delete the video, you will need to remove the whole question.

    Video embedded within the quiz question

    Top tip! If you would like to show the videos without adverts, logos, or 'up next' videos, you can upgrade to a Vimeo paid plan.

  9. Select the position for the video within your quiz question - left, center, or right-hand side of the page. Screen shot showing buttons to align video within the online quiz questions
  10. Finish creating your online exam, quiz, or test.

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