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Easily creating cost-effective online recruitment tests

By Joanna Griffiths, FlexiQuiz.
5 minute read.

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Pre-employment online testing can help HR professionals and business owners identify and recruit the right candidate to fit the role and the company. Secure online recruitment tests have many benefits such as,
  • The ability to reach a broader target audience during your selection process.
  • Online assessments remove any personal bias or subjectivity.
  • Fast and efficient to implement.
  • By creating your test, it provides the ability to ask questions relevant to your industry, sector, and company.
  • Cost-effective.
  • Reduces Administration tasks such as manually scoring a candidate.
Depending on the role that you are recruiting for, and stage in your hiring process, there are several types of pre-employment tests. Popular recruitment tests include aptitude, technical, psychometric tests and personality tests. This article shows you how to create almost any type of recruitment test using FlexiQuiz software. FlexiQuiz sample personality test

How to create a pre-employment test with FlexiQuiz.

  1. Craft and select useful questions that will enable you to gather more information about your potential new hires. When you are ready to add your items to the quiz maker software, follow these steps:
  2. Login to your FlexiQuiz account and select Create a Quiz - add a name for your recruitment test.
  3. Add a Welcome page to provide the candidate with the relevant information that enables them to complete your online test confidently.
      Example information to include:
    • Candidates need to have a good internet connection.
    • Specify any applicable time limits or rules for completing the test.
    • Confirm when candidates needs to complete the assessment.
    • Share any background information and the next steps.
  4. Add your questions to FlexiQuiz using the relevant question type. for example:
    • File upload - ask candidates to supply further details such as supporting documents or a copy of the resume.
    • Single-choice (drop-down) - this type of question works well when prospective employees need to select from a wide choice of information such as the state they live.
    • Open-ended questions to demonstrate thought and consideration.
    Top tip! For future recruitment, save your best items in the question bank to easily add to tests for similar positions.
  5. Choose how you would like to grade the assessment. Tests are scored and graded in real-time, and the results saved on your dashboard.
  6. Style the quiz to make it look professional and positively reflect your organization's brand. Your design can include adding your company logo or changing the color theme.
  7. Configure the rules for the test such as;
    • Maximum quiz attempts, randomize the question order and track the IP address to minimize cheating.
    • Choose if you will share the results instantly with the quiz taker or at a later date.
    • Redirect people to another quiz or URL based on their score.
  8. Choose how you would like to share your test with candidates.
    • Embed the quiz directly on your company website, such as the careers section.
    • Send an email with a unique link direct from your FlexiQuiz account to candidates.
    • Add a link on your website, social media pages, or other relevant channels.
  9. Analyze results and share them with hiring employees across your organization.
  10. Modify and create new online tests at any time.
Top tip! With FlexiQuiz you can send an unlimited number of online recruitment tests for only $18 a month (when paid yearly).

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