Help / Solutions to deter cheating

FlexiQuiz offers several features to minimize the ability for participants to cheat in an online test, quiz or assessment. We can’t guarantee that this will stop all cheating 100% of the time, but by using a number of these features when you create a test it limits cheating opportunities.

This guide outlines our top features to deter cheating:

  1. Secure access to your Quiz

    Ensure only authorized participants access your quiz to prevent people viewing the test who might be trying to get answers for others. There are several ways to secure your quiz:

    1. Invite participants to take the quiz by sending an email from your FlexiQuiz account and they will receive a private and unique URL. Plus, maximize the number of quiz attempts to limit the number of times the URL can be used.
    2. Create Respondent accounts so that quizzes can only be accessed by the participant logging into their Respondent account with a personal username and password.
    3. When sharing using a Quiz link, add registration fields, to validate who is accessing the quiz. For example:
      • Add a mandatory password so that only participants with the correct code can join the quiz
      • Allow only one person with unique participants information to join e.g. surname, student or employee ID number

  2. Maximize quiz attempts

    Prevent participants being able to access the quiz multiple times to research questions or repeat the test until the perfect score is achieved.

    To set a maximum number of attempts follow these simple rules when configuring and publishing your quiz with Send Email Invites or Assign Users.

    • Go to the Configure tab and select General from the left-hand menu
    • Scroll down the page to the option Maximize quiz attempts and select the number of times you want to let people take the quiz

    If publishing your quiz with the Quiz Link option you can use 'track browser attempts' to limit access when participants use the same device (such as PC, Mobile or Laptop). However, there is a risk that participants could use other devices and this can’t be tracked.

    To set up the browser attempts tracker.

    • Go to the Configure tab and select General
    • Scroll down to Use browser attempts and tick the box

  3. Randomize questions

    To deter students from looking at classmate’s screens we recommend sharing different question and answer options. It’s harder to copy from someone’s screen or discuss questions if they are slightly different.

    FlexiQuiz have a couple of options:

    1. Randomize the order of questions in the quiz.
      • Go to the Configure tab and select General
      • Tick Randomize questions
      • Select if you want to randomize all questions or just some
    2. In addition, Premium Plan members can pick and randomize questions from a Question Bank. This means, you can select a random set of questions from the relevant category of a larger question bank. So, students will be given some different questions that are arbitrarily selected from the same category and difficulty level within your question bank. Click here for more information on how the question bank works.

  4. Add time limits

    Create a sense of urgency to complete the quiz and minimize the amount of time participants have to research answers. You can add time limits to the whole quiz, page or question.

    Once the time limit is reached the quiz will automatically be submitted.

    Time limit options are available under the Configure tab and then select General

  5. Include a free format question

    By asking for an answer in free format it encourages students to write in their own words or to use the space to demonstrate steps taken to achieve the answer.

    FlexiQuix offers a choice of 7 question types including free format. This provides the opportunity for short answers (and you can use matching text to score the answers) or long answers which requires manual marking.

    When adding a question type to your quiz just select Matching text or Free text

  6. Disable copying and sharing functionalities

    Prevent students who have already completed the test sharing copies with fellow students. Even if you have randomized the questions you may not want students to see a copy of the test and gain any sort of unfair advantage.

    We would recommend updating the following configuration options within your test:

    1. Disable the functionality for automatically sharing results at the end of the quiz.
      To do this you will need to configure sharing results.
      Simply log into your quiz, go to the Configure tab and select Results from the left-hand menu
      Untick Review answers report
    2. Limit the ability for participants to copy the quiz through the Configure tab and selecting General.
      Untick the following options:
      • Right click menu – limits the ability to right click on their mouse and access those functions
      • Copy
      • Cut
      • Print

  7. Analyze results

    Check that students and quiz takers have not found a way to cheat by identifying any common themes in the answers.

    Identify trends or patterns with the FlexiQuiz online Reports. This will enable you to analyze results at an individual or group level. Key areas to consider:

    • Time taken to complete the quiz – are some participants taking much longer than others?
    • Trends of common mistakes and correct answers
    • IP address used

More features are being added all the time. If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us