Our quiz-making team has explored the world, climbed mountains, swam the great seas and done some research on Wiki to create a quick geography quiz.

Try our geography quiz to learn how much of an explorer you are! 

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Match the following cities to the country:

(1 point for each correct answer)

Rio de Janeiro
Antigua City


There are 5 oceans in the world.  Which 2 oceans are missing from the list below?

1. Atlantic ocean

2. Indian ocean

3. Arctic ocean

4. ocean

5. ocean



Mount Everest lies in which mountain range?

True or false?

The Sahara desert in Africa is the largest desert in the world.

In which of these countries do tigers still roam?

(Point boost! You get five points if you choose the three correct options.)


Name the three countries on the map above.

You get 10 points for getting all three correct.

1 is

2 is

3 is