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How to play a live quiz with FlexiQuiz

Live quizzes have a host who starts the quiz and shares each question. All quiz participants (also known as players) view the same pages of the live quiz simultaneously.

You don't need a FlexiQuiz account to play a live quiz.

This guide shows participants how to join and play a live quiz.


The objective of a live quiz game is to get the most points in the fastest time. Your quiz host will confirm how points are awarded and the rules of the game.

Before starting, you need the following:

  • A seven-digit access code that the host typically shares.
  • Access to an online device such as a mobile, tablet, or laptop to enter your answers.
  • A good internet connection is a must.

Playing a live quiz game

  1. To access the quiz, go to flexiquiz live URL
  2. Enter your access code and press >>
  3. Provide a nickname that appears on your host's leaderboard.
  4. When you're ready, press > place to enter nickname for playing a live quiz

    You will now enter the live lounge, and your host is notified that you're waiting.

    Your host will start the quiz at the appropriate time or when all the players are in the live lounge.

    When the host starts the quiz, there is a 3-second countdown before the first question appears.

  5. You can read the question on your device, enter your correct answer, and press submit as quickly as possible.

    This is an example of a single choice question with a countdown timer.

    live quiz question with a countdown timer
  6. Once all the players have submitted their answers, your response is automatically marked and scored.

    If your response is correct, you will see a green tick.

    Green tick as question correct

    If your response is wrong, you will see a red cross.

    Red cross for wrong answer

    In addition, you can view the total number of points you have been awarded for the quiz.

    The three second countdown timer appears when your host is ready to move to the next question.

  7. Enter a response for each question that appears until the end of the game.
  8. At the end of the quiz, the final screen shows the total number of points you have been awarded. In some instances, you could also see a grade and a downloadable certificate.

Top tips!

  • These are the types of questions the host can ask:
    • Single choice: You can select one correct response from a list of options.
    • Multiple choice: You can select two or more responses from the list of options. Be careful not to choose the wrong option as you could lose points.
    • Picture choice: You can pick one correct option from a selection of images.
    • Fill-in-the-blanks: Fill in the missing space with text or numbers.
    • Matching: Match the text in column one with the options displayed in the drop-down format in column two.
    • Free text: Free format response to the hosts question.
  • The timer doesn't stop until you press submit.
  • The host may give you a time limit to answer the question. Your time remaining to answer the question is displayed at the top of the page.
  • If you don't press submit within the time limit, any answers are automatically submitted for scoring.

Enjoy playing live quizzes!

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