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Easy back-to-school quiz ideas

By Joanna, 3 minute read.

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Wow, it's hard to believe the summer holidays have almost finished and the back-to-school countdown has begun.

Why not kick-start the new school year with fun, engaging, measurable quizzes? Students can easily participate with a mobile, tablet or laptop device.

Check out our top tips for fun and measurable quizzes that help your students start the year positively.

Quizzes to introduce yourself

The start of the year often involves meeting new students and setting learning objectives. It can be pretty busy and daunting for some pupils.

A quiz is a fun way to make the session more interactive and check students are listening.

For example, get students to guess some personal facts about you, such as:

  • Where are you from?
  • What you like to do outside work
  • Favorite animal
  • Favorite color

You can also add more serious questions to test student's memory on the crucial learning requirements. These are some example topics you can cover.

  • Class rules
  • Topics to be covered over the year
  • Behavior requirements

Learning more about your students

Quizzes are a great way to learn more about what your students know, their personalities and what motivates them to succeed.

Here are some quiz ideas.

Would you rather

'Would you rather' is a fun game to find out what engages students and encourages the whole class to interact. For the game, students must choose one of two options. There are no right or wrong answers.

You can play this as a live quiz and instantly see how many class members pick each option. Take some time out to discuss each choice.

These are a few question ideas.

  • Would you rather live in outer space or on the bottom of the Ocean?
  • Would you rather do Maths or English homework?
  • Would you rather be able to fly or be invisible?
  • Would you rather do 2 hours of science homework or go for a 2-hour run?
  • Would you rather be an Olympics athlete or the President?
  • Would you rather have chocolate cake or french fries?
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Knowledge testing

Knowledge tests don't need to be boring!

Check how much students remember from the last year and how much they've learned over the summer. Knowledge tests are also a brilliant way to introduce topics you plan to cover in the new school year.

Questions can be presented in a fun and exciting way to ease everyone back to the classroom.

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You can create a classic quiz with category scoring to identify student's strengths and weaknesses. Classic quizzes can be taken be students in the classroom or as part of their first homework assignment.

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Shared goals

You will probably start the year with goals you want to achieve for the class - they could be weekly or yearly targets.

However, the start of the year is also an excellent opportunity to encourage your students to set their own goals.

You can create and share a quiz to ask students to share their thoughts and ambitions privately.

Responses can be securely saved on the student's Respondent portal so that it's easily accessible for tracking during the year.

These are a few ideas of questions to help students set their goals

  • What do you hope to learn in class this year?
  • What is your strongest subject and why?
  • What subject do you find the hardest and why?
  • How can your teacher help you improve and succeed?
  • What excites you about this class?
  • What do you dread most about this class?
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Connect classmates

Host an icebreaker quiz that includes entertaining facts about everyone in the class.

Icrebreakers are a great way to get the whole class talking and for kids to identify what they have in common.

To prepare for the quiz, ask your students to share information, stories, pictures and maybe their favorite song in advance.

Pull all the questions together to create a live icebreaker quiz game that everyone plays together. The class must try and guess which student(s) you are referring to in the question.

These are a few example icebreaker questions.

  • Who has five brothers?
  • Who has a per Rabbit called Molly?
  • Who can speak two languages?
  • How many people in the class have a cat?
  • Which three classmates have a birthday in March?
  • What percentage of the class went to the beach during the summer holidays?
  • Who went to a Taylor Swift concert last year?

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