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Make a custom live quiz that you can present for everyone to play together.

Live quizzes bring out the fun and competitive side of people in conference rooms, classrooms, living rooms, video calls, or a mix of everything.

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How a live quiz works

1. Create a fun quiz experience

Engage your audience in a variety of ways with the choice of 6 question types and settings. You can add images, custom certificates, timers and set the scoring with booster points.

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2. Share a unique access code

Share the quiz access code with your audience, who can join from using any device including tablet, laptop, or mobile. Once the players have entered the waiting room, you can start the game together.

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3. Host and play

Present the live quiz in person or remotely. You can choose to read the questions out loud or let players read them on their own screen and submit their responses.

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4. Track performance

Players stay engaged throughout the game with instant feedback for right or wrong answers and total points updates. The quiz leader board updates after every question for some healthy competition.

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How you can use live quizzes for
business, education and home

Schools and Universities

Engage students in and out of the classroom with fun and interactive live quizzes. Use FlexiQuiz live to break the ice with a new class, test their knowledge on a topic, and make learning fun. Students can join and track results using any device for lessons in the classroom, online, or both.


Live quizzes are a great way to energize your employees as part of a formal meeting, training sessions, or team-building events. Use live quizzes to enhance your hybrid learning model to help facilitate discussions and check product knowledge. You can easily share the leaderboard for some healthy competition.

Social Events

Live quizzes are a great way to bring people together from across the world for Christmas, birthdays, baby showers, or wedding celebrations. You can make a custom quiz or a virtual pub trivia quiz that's exciting for all. Choose to host a live quiz with everyone in the same room or video conferencing such as zoom.

6 question types

Choose from multiple choice, picture choice, single choice, matching, fill-in-the-blanks, or free format.

Add images

Upload your own images or quickly pick one from the Unsplash library.

Hardest questions

View how many players have selected each answer option to discover which is the hardest.

Countdown timers

Make questions more challenging with a countdown timer

Custom scoring

Add or deduct points based on performance. You can also award bonus points for the fastest right answers.


Track performance during the game with the live leader board shown after each question.

Anonymous players

Allow users to take part anonymously. Players can provide a nick name to track their score against others.

Text/media slides

Take a break or share information during the quiz with a text/ media slide.

Custom certificates

Create competition by awarding a custom certificate to top performers

Assign quizzes - Take a break or share information during the quiz with a text/ media slide.

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