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🚀 NEW FlexiQuiz Features 

We're always making enhancements to make sure you have the best possible test & quiz making experience.  This page summarizes our latest features as they launch.

We're constantly developing and so if you've any additional ideas, please contact us  


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Page Number Tracker - January 2019


The page number tracker let's participants see what page of the test they are on.  When completing a timed test it's useful for participants to understand their progress and manage their time accordingly.    

Top tip: If using the page tracker you need to allow respondents to navigate backwards and forwards between the pages. 


Horizontal Page Layout - January 2019

All members now have a choice of a vertical layout (answer options below the questions) or horizontal with the answer options on the right hand-side of the questions. A horizontal layout works well for aptitude tests where respondents need to view copy, graphs or tables and answer questions related to the information.

The horizontal layout is currently available for participants taking tests on desktops, laptops and tablets only.  Respondents using a mobile will continue to see the vertical layout.

Take this test to see how the horizontal layout looks. 


Progress Tracker - January 2019

The progress tracker let's respondents see how many questions they've answered and how many they still have to complete.

To turn on or off the progress bar.  Create a Quiz and select the Configure tab then General from the left-hand menu.  Tick or untick the box Progress bar


File Upload Question - December 2018

We've added a new question type for Premium Plan members, giving greater flexibility for testing.  The file upload question let's quiz takers upload a file to answer a question, for example they could upload a copy of their CV or an excel document showing their detailed calculations.

It's really easy to use, just select File Upload from the question type drop-down menu when creating your quiz.  Type your question and leave the answer box blank for participants to upload their answers (maximum size of file 50 MB).  


Instant Answers and Feedback - November 2018

FlexiQuiz is configured to automatically display quiz results at the end of the quiz, once respondents submit all their answers.  However, you now have the option to display answers and any feedback for each question, as the respondent goes along.  

This new option works with multiple choice, single choice, picture choice, matching text and fill the blanks questions.  To set up instant feedback go to the Configure tab and select Results - from this page you will be given the option of what and when to share results with participants.

At the end of every page, the respondent needs to save their answers and then they will instantly be shown;

  • the correct answer,
  • their saved answer marked (with a tick or a cross)
  • and any question feedback. 

If you want to show participants answers immediately after each question, then just configure the quiz to 1 question per page.


Example of a quiz in progress using instant answers and feedback:

Instant answers and feedback


APIs & Webhooks - November 2018

FlexiQuiz has now launched a restful API to enable you to work from you standard webapp or URL and connect securely with the API to update Quizzes and Respondents.  This API enables the utilization of the following processes.

  • Extract quiz results and manage respondents, trainers and administrators
  • Open and Close a quiz
  • Assign new users (administrators, trainers and respondents)
  • Assign quizzes
  • Review the status for all quizzes
  • And more...


A webhook will notify you when events occur such as a quiz is submitted or user details are updated.  Can be sent sereuly to your specified URL or Webapp


To learn more, developers can review our guides to APIs and webhooks

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