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Make your own aptitude test with FlexiQuiz

Add your questions to the FlexiQuiz software to create aptitude tests that are bespoke to your organisation, delivering more relevant testing of potential and existing employees. FlexiQuiz offers a number of features to format the test in a constructive way that will enable you to identify participants knowledge and skill set. This includes: time limits, progress trackers, ability to add graphs, question option randomization, a horizontal page layout, plus much more.


Try the FlexiQuiz numerical aptitude test

Test your numeracy skills by quickly answering 4 multiple choice questions in 4 minutes. 

The questions are based on everyday business activities and will test your knowledge of currency conversion, fractions, ratios, percentages and more.

The test will be automatically scored with the results quantified.  

This test has been created using the FlexiQuiz horizontal layout so that questions and answer options can be seen on the same page on the desktop or laptop.  The test will be shown on a vertical layout on mobiles.


Instructions for taking the aptitude test:

  • You have 4 questions to answer in 4 minutes
  • You will be shown a table or chart to review.  You'll need to quickly interpret this data to answer the questions
  • All questions are multiple choice and you need to select 1 correct answer
  • You can go backward and forward on the test
  • Once started, the timer can't be paused
  • Once all questions have been answered press submit to ensure your time taken is recorded
  • Responses will be automatically submitted when the time runs out after 4 minutes
  • Your score (including time taken) will be shown at the end of the test
  • The test can be taken as many times as you like (as it is just for fun!)
  • The test can be taken anytime, anywhere and it's mobile compatible
  • We suggest you have a pen and paper to hand to help with some of the calculations


When you're ready press Start and the test will automatically begin