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How to assign a quizzes to a Respondent portal

For users to take a quiz on their Respondent portal, you must assign it to them.

Once you assign an open quiz to a user, they can log in to their Respondent portal and take the test.

With FlexiQuiz LMS, you can assign quizzes to Respondent portals in four ways.

  • On the User profile page.
  • When publishing a quiz.
  • Using APIs and webhooks - Enterprise only.
  • As part of a Group - Essentials and above.

#1. User profile page

  1. Log in to your FlexiQuiz account and select Users from the top menu.
  2. You can create a new Respondent or select an existing user from your dashboard. Click on the user to open their profile page.
  3. Scroll down the page to Assigned quizzes. empty assigned quizzes box
  4. Click on the green Assign Quizzes button. A pop-up will appear that shows all quizzes linked to your workspace.
  5. From the Available box, click on the quiz you want to assign to this user. List of all quizzes linked to this quiz maker workspace
  6. Next press >>, and the quiz will move from the Available box to the Assigned box. quiz in the assigned box
  7. Click ok to make your changes and close the pop-up.
  8. On the user profile page, press Save.

#2. Publishing a quiz

  1. Create a quiz and go to the Publish tab.
  2. Press Publish Quiz to open the test.
  3. Scroll down to Assign Users / Groups and tick the box. publish quiz screen button to assign quiz
  4. If the user already has a Respondent portal, press the green Assign Users button. A pop-up appears with two boxes - Available and Assigned.
  5. Go to the Available box that lists all users linked to your workspace who are not assigned to this quiz. List of users linked to FlexiQuiz account
  6. Click on the user that you want to assign the quiz to and press >>. The user will move from the Available to the Assigned box. user in assigned to quiz box
  7. Press the blue Save button.

The quiz is instantly assigned to the user's Respondent portal.

#3. APIs and webhooks

This option is available for Enterprise customers.

View our API documentation for more information.

#4. Groups

If you have an Essentials plan or above, you can assign the quiz to a FlexiQuiz Group. All Respondents who are part of the group can access the quiz.

Learn how to assign quizzes to a group.

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