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Number sequences are often part of numerical aptitude, psychometric and IQ tests to identify the respondent's ability with numbers.  A number sequence consists of a number series, with one missing number that respondents need to logically identify.  

FlexiQuiz software helps you build your own numeracy tests that can be configured to meet your specific needs. You can create challenging, measurable tests to identify the best candidate for your organization.  


FlexiQuiz Software Features:

  • Timed tests to create exam like conditions
  • A choice of question types including multiple choice (most frequently used) or fill in the blanks
  • Flexibility to take the test at any time, any place on desk top, mobile or tablet devices
  • Secure access to your test by adding a unique ID (such as a candidate number) for people to gain access.  Learn more about our features to keep your test secure
  • Instant marking and sharing results - you define the metrics and who is notified
  • Plus, Premium plan members can save questions in the question bank for future useThe FlexiQuiz automation tool can randomly select questions from the bank for inclusion in future tests
  • Learn more about all the other FlexiQuiz features and plans


Designing Questions:

Top Tips:

  • Number series tests are normally multiple choice with only 1 correct answer and some answer options that could be distractors
  • There should be only 1 possible correct answer from the options provided
  • Sequences are based on arithmetical operations such as, multiplication, division, subtraction
  • There are a number of ways to construct the questions to make them easy or hard.  Such as:


      a) A common difference between each number

           3, 6, 9, 12 .....

         solution: the missing number is 15.  The common difference between each number in the sequence is 3


      b) 2 rules working together

        5, 5, 15, 75, 525 .....

        solution: the missing number is 4725.  The series is made using 2 different operations  (multiplication and division). 

        multiply each number by the previous number and increase the multiplication value by 2 each time.  This is the calculation:

        5 - starting number

         5 * 1 = 5

         5 * (1 + 2) = 15

         15 * (3 + 2) = 75

         75 * (5 + 2) = 525

         525 * (7+2) = 4725


    c) 2 rules alternating in the sequence

     1, 9, 3, 6, 5 .....

      solution: the missing number is 3

      starting from number 1, every other number increases by 2

     starting from 9, every other number decreases by 3


Try the FlexiQuiz number sequence test

  • There are 12 questions in total (mix of easy, medium and hard)
  • ​​​​​​4 questions per page and 2 minutes to answer each page
  • We suggest having a pen and paper to hand
  • Answers and solutions will be shown at the end of the test


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