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FAQs for analyzing quiz results

How do I view my user's quiz results?

FlexiQuiz will instantly score and grade all submitted quizzes. Detailed reports are available on your Reports and Analyze screens.

FlexiQuiz Administrators and Trainers with 'Analyze/ reports' permissions can access the Reports and Analyze screens to view test results.

Data is available at an individual user, quiz questions, or group level.

Why does the quiz status show 'In progress' when the user has submitted the test?

The analyze table lists all users assigned, started, or submitted your quiz.

The date submitted column shows the status of the quiz a test-taker is currently working on.

If the user is allowed multiple attempts, the date submitted column may not show the date they completed their first quiz. The column will show the status of the current test.

For example:

Let's assume that Emily is taking a test and allowed multiple attempts.

  • Emily completes and submits the quiz.
  • Emily receives an email notification with her result.
  • Multiple quiz attempts are allowed and so Emily presses the Next button on her results screen. The quiz opens for the second attempt.
  • Emily answers one or two questions and decides not to continue with the test. She closes the browser.

On the quiz analyze screen, Emily's name only shows when the Include unsubmitted quizzes toggle is selected.

The status for Emily's quiz shows as Not Submitted or Not Started.

Analyze results screen

To view Emily's first attempt, press select action and choose previous attempts from the drop-down list.

arrow point to previous quiz attempts button

The system shows you a list of all of the user's previous quiz attempts.

List of previous quiz attempts

To avoid students re-taking a quiz and not finishing, we recommend the following options.

  • Only allow students to retake the test if they fail.
  • Add a custom message to the results page to remind students that if they start a quiz, they must finish.
  • Customize the navigation buttons so users know what happens when they press them.

Can I delete the current attempt and look at data from an earlier quiz?

No, it's not possible to delete the user's current attempt only.

You can delete all response data but not the current attempt only.

Can I view a user's quiz results for multiple tests in one place?

Yes, you can view a list of all quizzes assigned to a user in one report that can be downloaded to an Excel file.

This can be helpful for managers or teachers looking at the user's end-of-year performance.

You can access a list of all the user's results in three places.

Option 1: If the test-taker has a Respondent account, you can view a list of their quizzes on the profile page. You need to select the Results tab.


Option 2: In addition, you can view the Respondent account data from the Reports tab on the top menu.

Next to report type, press the down arrow and select All users.

The table lists all users with a Respondent, Trainer, or Admin account.

List of results for all respondent accounts

Option 3: To view all test-takers, select the User report type.

This lists everyone who has taken one of your tests. The name shown is either from the name field on a quiz registration screen or respondent name field. Important! If a test-taker uses a different name each time they take the test the system cannot recognize they are the same user.

list of test taker quiz results

How do I delete test-takers results?

Admins and Trainers with delete permissions can delete user results.

Important! When you delete data, it cannot be recovered. You may wish to download the data before deleting it from our system.

You can delete user responses in the following ways:

  • One-by-one: Delete the answers for one test-taker on a quiz.
  1. Go to the analyze screen and select the user.
  2. Press select action and choose delete from the drop-down menu.
  3. Confirm that you would like to delete the data by pressing the red Delete button.

  • All responses on a quiz: Delete all response data for all test-takers.
  1. Go to the analyze screen.
  2. Press the three dots on the right-hand side.
  3. From the drop-down menu, choose delete all responses.
  4. Confirm that you would like to delete all responses associated with this quiz.
Button to delete all user quiz responses
  • All results for a specific user: Delete all data associated with the Trainer, Admin, or Respondent.
  1. Select Users from the top menu
  2. Choose the user from the table.
  3. Press the trash icon on the right-hand side.
  4. Confirm that you would like to delete all data by pressing the red Delete button.

The users FlexiQuiz account is closed and they will not be able to log-in.

How do I view previous quiz attempts?

You can set the quiz to allow users to take your quiz once or multiple times. The respondent's latest attempt is displayed on the Analyze table.

To view previous attempts on the analyze screen, follow these steps:

  1. From your main FlexiQuiz dashboard, choose your relevant quiz and press Analyze
  2. On the Individual Summary report, scroll down the list of users to find your selected respondent and press select action
  3. Choose previous attempts from the drop-down menu and a pop-up appears that lists all of the test-taker's responses and results
  4. You can click on the PDF icon to download a copy of their previous results. Top tip! It is not possible to email the previous attempts to the user directly from your FlexiQuiz account

To view the number of previous attempts for all users, click the 3 dots on the top right of the table, select Configure columns from the drop-down menu and tick the box Attempts

Important! Respondents can only view their current score on their respondent dashboard.