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Matching quiz question

A matching question consists of pairing the text displayed in two columns.

Test-takers choose from a list of options in the right-hand column to match the text in the left-hand column.

This guide shows you how to add a matching question to your FlexiQuiz.

How to add a matching question

  1. You can add a matching question from the Create screen. To add your question, press Add Item and select Question from the drop-down menu.
  2. Next to the Question type choose Matching from the drop-down menu.
  3. Add your question or any information to the Question box. You can add images, videos, gifs and audio if you have a paid plan.
  4. Now add all the fixed option text in the Options boxes on the left-hand column.
  5. Add the correct matching text in the match column on the right. create a matching question screen
  6. Once you have added your question, choose how you want to score the question. A matching question is automatically scored by the FlexiQuiz system.
    • Points per question: Test-takers must correctly match all of the responses to get the points.
    • Set option points: You can award test-takers points for each correct response within the question.
  7. From here you can format the question, tick the box Randomize options to shuffle the order of the answer options.
  8. To add the question to your quiz, press the blue Save button. respondent view for matching quiz question

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