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Restricting access to quizzes by IP address

To add an additional level of security to your quiz, you can restrict access to test-takers with a specific set of IP addresses. This ensures that only test-takers with the required IP address can access your content which helps to minimize cheating.

Note! This feature is only available to customers with the Enterprise subscription.

This guide shows you how to restrict access to your quizzes to people with the set IP addresses.

Setting IP restrictions

Administrators with an Enterprise subscription can set IP restrictions for the whole account.

  1. Login to your FlexiQuiz account
  2. Select Settings from the top menu
  3. Choose Security from the left-hand menu
  4. Tick the box Enable IP restrictions Tick box to restrict IP address on quizzes
  5. Enter the IP address for every user who will be taking the test. The IP address need to follow this format:
    • Each IP address must be on a new line
    • CIDR notation can be used to enter a range of IP addresses

    The data automatically saves when you click out of the box. Important! If you enter an incorrect IP address, a pop-up will appear with a notification that the information is wrong. Incorrect IP addresses will not save.

    Ip address is wrong pop up message
  6. To check which IP addresses are restricted, return to Settings and the Configure tab.
  7. You can remove the IP restrictions by unticking the box Enable IP restrictions.


Do the IP restrictions apply to all my quizzes or online tests linked to the main account?

The IP restrictions apply to all quizzes or material linked to the main account - these quizzes can be made by any Admins or Trainers associated with the account. Please ensure your colleagues are aware of the IP restrictions to avoid disrupting their quizzes.

What happens if I leave the IP address field blank?

If you tick the box Enable IP restrictions and leave the IP address list box blan, the system will block all IP addresses. Test takers will not be able to access your online tests.

Can I restrict Trainer and Admin access based on their IP address?

No, it's currently not possible to restrict access for making and managing quizzes on Trainer and Administrator accounts.

Can I switch restrictions on and off?

Yes, you can tick and untick the Enable IP restrictions box at any time. This enables you to only restrict access for formal examinations.

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