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Collaborate with others to make and manage great quizzes.

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Benefits of building online tests in collaboration with others

Collaboration is working jointly with others, especially in an intellectual endeavor. Such as 'a group of teachers collaborated on creating exams for year 12.'

By bringing teams together across your departments or organization people can share their expertise, experience, and knowledge. A recent study between the Institute for Corporate Productivity (i4cp) and Rob Cross, Edward A Madden Professor of Global Business at Babson College, found that companies who encouraged collaborative working were 5.5 times as likely to be high performing.

By working with your team to build quizzes, tests, or online exams this can help you, and your organization increase productivity and the performance of quiz takers.

FlexiQuiz helps teams work together more effectively by providing tools and features to help you collaborate when making and managing quizzes.

How to collaborate with FlexiQuiz

FlexiQuiz is a web-based test maker platform that makes it easy for you to work with others. All of our collaboration features are secure online, so you and your colleagues don't need to be in the same building, City or even Country to benefit from creating tests together.

Create extra Admin and Trainer accounts

To build the right teamwork environment, it's essential to clarify the roles from the start, such as who needs to create quizzes for which group. FlexiQuiz enables you to add additional colleagues to your main account so that you all have instant access to relevant information by logging in with a unique username and password. We offer a choice of two types of accounts that give users the ability to create and manage quiz content.

  • Administrator accounts - users will have access to all of the quiz data and user information associated with your main account.
  • Trainer accounts - you can set permissions so that the trainer can only view certain user groups or quizzes.

FlexiQuiz team accounts are scalable - for a fixed cost on the Enterprise plan, you can add 25 people from across your organization. Plus it's only $2 USD for each additional quiz maker associated to our account. So schools, universities or companies can create one FlexiQuiz account with all the colleagues who want or need to make quizzes associated with the one account.

Share quiz questions

We all know that it takes time to create great quiz questions and so why not help drive efficiencies across your school or business by sharing questions with your colleagues?

Our question bank enables you to add your quiz questions, by category to an online database that can only be viewed and edited in real-time by selected people associated with your account.

The question bank can store any question type such as fill in the blanks, matching short answer, true-false, or multiple choice.

You can make it easy to locate questions by building the question bank with multiple categories such as geography, science, fun stuff or by the department.

Share test results

Submitted quizzes are instantly scored and the test results can be shared with selected people using email notifications.

Email notifications can be customized to include the exam results for each test taker, the correct answers and any test certificates.

If you need to enable your teams to have access to wider groups for analyzing results then I would recommend setting them up with a Trainer or Administrator account.

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