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Over 40 Eggstra-special Easter trivia questions

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Welcome to our egg-citing Easter blog that is going to show you how to create the ultimate Easter Quiz!

Join us in unravelling the secrets of creating a quiz experience that’s as yummy as a basket full of chocolate eggs. From bunny trivia and egg-straordinary traditions to Easter-themed creative certificates, this blog has something for everyone.

Ready for a quiz-making adventure? Let's get cracking! 🐣

Easter trivia questions with answers

Name these famous rabbits

  1. This gray rabbit is known for his clever tricks and love of carrots in various animated shorts. Can you guess his name?

    A: Bugs Bunny

  2. In English folklore, this mischievous rabbit is often associated with bringing chocolate eggs on Easter. Who is this legendary character?

    A: The Easter Bunny

  3. In A.A. Milne's stories, this sweet and timid rabbit is a close friend of Winnie the Pooh. What is his name?

    A: Rabbit

  4. This adventurous rabbit is the protagonist of a classic children's book by Beatrix Potter. What is the name of this character?

    A: Peter Rabbit

  5. Known for his positive attitude and catchphrase, "What's up, Doc?" who is this iconic animated rabbit?

    A: Bugs Bunny

  6. This literary rabbit is always running late, wears a waistcoat and is a friend of Alice in Wonderland. Can you name him?

    A: The White Rabbit

  7. In a Disney classic, this rabbit is a close friend of Bambi and Thumper. What is the name of this character?

    A: Flower

  8. In Japanese culture, this animated character is a cute and often indecisive rabbit. Can you identify this beloved bunny?

    A: Miffy

  9. This wise and elderly rabbit is a character in a novel by Richard Adams, where he leads a group of rabbits seeking a new home. Who is he?

    A: Hazel (Watership Down)

  10. A famous Warner Bros. character, this energetic and clumsy rabbit is constantly pursued by Elmer Fudd. What is his name?

    A: Bugs Bunny

Easter around the world

Row of houses with easter eggs
  1. In which country is the Easter Monday tradition, involving water fights and playful splashing, called "Śmigus-Dyngus?"

    a) Italy

    b) Poland

    c) Mexico

    d) Australia

  2. Which country celebrates Easter with the "Semana Santa" (Holy Week) procession, featuring elaborate religious processions and parades?

    a) Greece

    b) Spain

    c) Brazil

    d) India

  3. In which Scandinavian country do children dress up as "Easter Witches" and go door-to-door exchanging drawings and paintings for candy?

    a) Sweden

    b) Denmark

    c) Norway

    d) Finland

  4. Which city in the United States hosts an annual Easter Parade and Bonnet Festival, featuring colorful bonnets and costumes?

    a) Los Angeles

    b) Chicago

    c) New York

    d) New Orleans

  5. In Australia, what is the traditional Easter mascot?

    a) Kangaroos

    b) Bonnets

    c) Baskets

    d) Bilbies

  6. Which Eastern European country celebrates Easter with a traditional Easter cheese pie called "Pasca"?

    a) Hungary

    b) Romania

    c) Ukraine

    d) Croatia

  7. In which South American country is the "Cascarones" tradition popular, involving hollowed-out eggs filled with confetti?

    a) Argentina

    b) Mexico

    c) Brazil

    d) Colombia

  8. What is the traditional Easter treat in the United Kingdom called, that consists of a bread-like cake which has 11 balls of marzipan on top?

    a) Easter Pie

    b) Hot cross buns

    c) Simnel Cake

    d) Yule log

  9. Most countries have multicoloured painted eggs but Greece only has eggs in one colour. What is it?

    a) Yellow

    b) Blue

    c) Red

    d) Green

  10. The first known visitor to Easter Island was Dutch explorer Jacob Roggeveen, arriving on Easter weekend. But what is the island's real name?

    a) Socotra Island

    b) Rapa Nui

    c) Ōkunoshima Island

    d) Palmyra Island

Easter analogies

Add description

  1. Easter is to Resurrection as Spring is to _____.

    a) Sunshine

    b) Blossom Trees

    c) Renewal

    d) Summer

  2. Santa Claus is to Presents as Easter Bunny is to ____.

    a) Easter Eggs

    b) Flowers

    c) Grass

    d) Hopping

  3. Easter Egg Hunt is to Easter as Pumpkin Carving is to _____.

    a) Halloween

    b) Thanksgiving

    c) Christmas

    d) Independence Day

  4. Easter Bonnet is to Easter Parade as Costume is to ____.

    a) Hiking

    b) Masquerade

    c) Carnival

    d) Football

  5. Chocolate Bunny is to Easter Basket as Turkey is to ____.

    a) Picnic

    b)Thanksgiving Dinner

    c) Harvest

    d) Feast

  6. Trot is to Horse as ____ is to Bunny

    a) Ears




  7. Giraffes are to Neck as Rabbits are to _____.

    a) Ears

    b) White

    c) Fluffy


  8. Easter Bunny is to Eggs as Tooth Fairy is to ______.

    a) Teeth

    b) Mouths

    c) Lips

    d) Eating

  9. Chick is to Egg as Butterfly is to _____.





  10. Lamb is to wool as Rabbit is to ______.

    a) Skin

    b) Eggs

    c) Hopping

    d) Fur

Egg-celent fill-in-the-blank questions

Bunny rabbit with easter egg

These questions are all about eggs. Players need to correctly guess the missing words.

  1. A dish where eggs are beaten and cooked until partially set, often with extra ingredients, is called a ______.

    Answer: Frittata

  2. _____ is the term used for an egg that is cooked in its shell in boiling water.

    Answer: Boiled egg

  3. In Japanese cuisine, "tamago kake gohan" is made by mixing _____ with soy sauce and pouring it over rice.

    Answer: Raw egg

  4. The famous Easter candy made by coating a boiled egg with layers of sugar, fondant and coloring is the _____.

    Answer: Cadbury Creme Egg

  5. The French dish with poached eggs on a bed of bacon or ham, topped with hollandaise sauce, is called ______.

    Answer: Eggs Benedict

  6. A hard boiled egg that has been sliced in half and the yolk mixed with mayonnaise and other ingredients, is a _______.

    Answer: Devilled Egg

  7. ______ is the term used for a double-yolked egg.

    Answer: Gemel Egg

  8. A _______ is a traditional scottish dish made with a boiled egg encased in sausage meat and breadcrumbs.

    Answer: Scotch Egg

  9. Shakshuka is a dish with ______ in tomato, chilli pepper sauce and often other ingredients.

    Answer: Poached Egg

  10. Mario is a video game character who collects ______ as a primary objective.

    Answer: Golden Eggs

Some egg-stra special tips and tricks for making an Easter themed quiz

Add images, video, audio and GIFs

Transform your quiz into a beautiful Easter experience that engages your target audience.

With FlexiQuiz you can add media that reflects that Easter theme such as your images, videos, music and GIFs.


Share certificates

Make your quiz as joyous as an Easter egg hunt by rewarding your players with a custom certificate.

This blog includes a couple of Easter certificate templates that you can download and customize with FlexiQuiz. Or, tools such as Canva allow you to craft certificates with a sprinkle of Easter charm.

Upload your certificate to FlexiQuiz and make everyone who passes your quiz feel like an Easter superstar. Explore how to upload and configure a custom certificate.

Style your quizzes

From charming bunny motifs to pastel hues that scream springtime delight, making a beautiful Easter quiz with FlexiQuiz is easy.

You can change background colors, add some images and use an Easter font.

So dust of your creative flair, pick your favorite Easter palette and style your quiz so that all your players can enjoy the fun of Easter.

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