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Tips to style your FlexiQuiz

Do you want to create awesome looking quizzes, tests, and assessments? FlexiQuiz provides a simple page template with flexibility so you can style and brand almost any part - you can create crazy bright pages or make professional-looking exams, aptitude tests and assessments. If your content looks good then students, employees and quiz takers are much more likely to engage.

This guide shows some of the extra tools and features available on the Premium and Enterprise plans that can help you create beautiful, unique online quizzes, tests or courses.

Background colors

By changing the colors on your FlexiQuiz, you can reflect your organization's brand, adding credibility to your tests. Colors can also be used to support the theme of your content, such as using yellow for a fun summertime quiz.

  • Add your chosen colors to many parts of the quiz pages including, backgrounds, headings, sidebars, fonts, footers and even the timer!
  • To set up, go the Themes section - scroll down the page and you'll find a list with areas of the quiz that can be changed in color.
  • Simply replace the current HEX codes with yours or select a color from the FlexiQuiz advanced color options.
  • Press Preview at any time to view how your colors blend together on the page

You can style your quiz, your way. These are just a few examples of different backgrounds:

professional background
sunshine background
blue block background

Navigation buttons

The navigation buttons provide instruction for people as they work through your quiz, such as Register, Next Page and Download certificate. They're important as they help set expectations and reduce respondent's worry during the test

The buttons are easy to customize from the Themes menu, with options to change these parts:

  • Color - choose from 6 colors
  • Text or navigation instructions - you can use the generic copy that we have provided or change this text to something more relevant for your target audience, such as another language
  • Alignment - move the buttons from the left-hand side of the page to the right-hand side, depending on what you think is easier for the respondent
  • Style - Flat or Gradient

Formatting text

The Premium and Enterprise plans give you access to extra formatting options allowing you to improve the overall styling of your quiz. You can not only use your organizations brand colors (HEX code) on the background, but you can also reflect in the text giving an excellent look overall

  • Format options include: fonts, style, size, positioning and colors.
  • To make changes go to the Themes page and select how you would like the text to look.


Company logos are an important way to align respondent's recognition of the quiz with your organization. Logos can be added to welcome or thank you pages or on the heading throughout the quiz.

  • Add your logo to the top of all pages with a choice of alignment on the left, middle or right-hand side. Just go to the General Configuration section to upload and size your logo.
  • Remove the FlexiQuiz link from the bottom of all quizzes by un-ticking the box 'FlexiQuiz link' in the General Configuration section
  • Top tip! To resize your logo, we recommend that you use the browsers Chrome or Firefox

Page headers and labels

Headers and labels messaging can be changed to help support your messaging and to give respondent's key pieces of information. Change the text to almost any language or maybe provide wording that more accurately reflects your messaging.

  • Page headings labels can be configured from the Themes section - just scroll down the page to the list of headers and labels.
  • For example:
    • Results page is automatically configured to 'Results for Quiz Name' - you can change the wording to Spanish, or any other language.
    • File upload message is configured to 'Drop files here' - you could change this to 'Upload your essay as a word document here'.
  • The choice is all yours.

Images, audio and video

Images, video and audio are a great way to bring your quiz or course to life as it's sometimes hard to convey the message with words alone. Audio is often used to test respondent's language skills so they can translate what's been said on the audio recording. Or, a video can be used as part of company training so that employees can answer questions based on the content.

  • Upload your audio, video or image files to almost all of the FlexiQuiz pages, supporting your introduction, learning, questions or answer feedback.
  • Top tip! Uploading and sizing works best using the browsers Chrome or Firefox

In addition to all these features, you still have access to some other great design and styling tools including, emojis, GIFs, page numbers, question layout and fixing the navigation positioning

New features are being added all the time. For a full list of all the current tools and features available on the Premium plan, view our plans page.

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