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Send email notifications when quizzes are submitted

Email notifications are a trigger email that you can set up to automatically notify yourself and other relevant nominees that respondents have submitted the quiz, test or assesment.  The notification will contain a summary of the respondents results and an optional PDF that  lists all questions and answers given in the test. 

Top Tip: All quiz and test results are also automatically saved on your FlexiQuiz Analysis dashboard for reference at any time. If you set up notifications, the data will still be saved on your dashboard.

This feature is available for members on the paid plans only.

Check out this guide for the latest information on sending email notifications to test takers.


How to Set-up Email Notifications

  • Create a quiz, test or assessment 
  • Select the Configure tab
  • Click Notifications from the left-hand menu
  • This opens the Notifications page for you to set your requirements




  • To enable automatic notifications tick the Email results box.  This means you and your selected nominees will receive a separate email for every respondent who submits the quiz and every time they submit the quiz. 
  • The following information can be included in email notifications (depending on the rules you have set up):
    • Quiz takers email address and name (if configured)
    • Result (Pass/ Fail)
    • Score including the percentage of correct answers
    • Grade
    • Time taken to complete the quiz
  • In addition, you can opt to receive a PDF of responses that  includes the quiz questions and answers given by the respondent - Tick Include PDF of responses to add this to your notification


  • Add the email address for everyone who you want to receive notifications in the box next to Email to list
  • Each email address needs to be seperated by a ; or added to a new line
  • Important! Do not include the email address for quiz takers as they could receive results from other people taking the same test


  • To send an email to quiz takers - tick Email Respondent and Include PDF of response (if required).  
    • Respondents are sent an email based on the email address provided in the quiz invitation or the email address respondents provide when they register for the quiz
    • Respondents receive their quiz results only and not the results for all other quiz takers
    • Please note, notifications to respondents cannot be sent if an email address is not provided


Example Email Notifications

Example of an email sent to Respondents



Example of an email sent to the Administrator and nominated recipiants



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