Help / Publishing and sharing your quiz

This article outlines the basic steps for publishing and sharing your quiz on FlexiQuiz.

• Select how you’d like to distribute the quiz. There are 3 options:

  • Use Quiz Link – a unique URL is produced that you can customize and include in your emails, website or social media.
  • Send Email Invites – FlexiQuiz will send an email to people on your email list that can be updated in the notifications section of the Configure tab.
  • Assign Users / Groups – Set up respondent portals where test takers can log in and review all assigned tests.

• You can select multiple distribution options before or after Publishing the quiz.


• When you are ready, click the blue Publish Quiz button

• A pop up appears to confirm the quiz has been published

  • The unique URL is available for you and participants to access
  • FlexiQuiz immediately sends a quiz invitation to your selected email list. Please make sure your email list are aware that they will be receiving an email from FlexiQuiz on your behalf

• The test status will change from ‘In Design’ to ‘Open’

Publish status

• You can close or end the quiz at any time by clicking the blue ‘Close quiz’ button

  • People are no longer able to access the quiz online
  • You can open the quiz again at any time