When you are looking to upgrade your existing online training software or perhaps implement a new system altogether, what are the key features you should look for?

We've put together the following list based on our own experience and feedback from customers who have created thousands of courses and assessments from around the world.

1. Ability to add quizzes and assessments

After creating a course it is generally a good idea to also include an online quiz or assessment at the end. This not only allows you to measure the learners progress but also for the learner it helps to cement what they have learned.

All good online training software should provide several question types for testing your learners knowledge. Also, your solution should include automatic grading so that your respondent is instantly graded and provided with the results which then allows them to instantly see where they could improve. If you are creating critical courses you could also provide your respondents with the option to retake the course until they have reached a passing grade.

2. Add and manage users

Your online training solution should allow you to add various user types to you account. This generally would include respondent accounts that will allow learners to log into a custom portal where they can view, track and complete all assigned courses. Also, most systems will allow for additional administrator accounts so that you could allow all trainers to access and manage each others courses.

3. Access from any device

With the increased use of mobile and tablet devices it is now important that your learners can access your training courses from any device. Modern online training software generally uses a responsive design that will automatically scale your courses to fit whatever device your learner is using. This allows you to just create a single course and be confident that your course will still look great on any device.

4. Access anywhere and at anytime

With changes in the way we work and study it has now become important that we allow employee's or students to access courses and assessments from where and when they like. This means that your online training tools should be always available 24*7 from anywhere that has an internet connection. However, with being available from anywhere at anytime your training software provider should also ensure that your courses are secure and protected with the latest security.

5. Powerful reporting

Probably one of the most important features of any online training tool is the reporting it provides. Your software should provide you with not only the ability to track and monitor each employee's or students progress but also allow for more high-level reporting. Some of the more common reports should include:

  • Who has completed and what grade was achieved across a particular course or assessment.
  • Summary of correct responses for a given assessment, this then allows you to identify questions which are to easy or difficult.
  • Individual summaries by employee or student.

6. Timed courses and assessments

If you are creating courses and quizzes that will be used to evaluate an employees or students capabilities it is always useful to have the option to set a time limit. By adding a time limit and a quiz you can ensure your student has actually learnt the content.

7. Display your own branding

To ensure your online courses or assessments look great you should be able to add your own branding, such as a company logo. This is especially important if you are publishing a course to people outside your organization and will assist in building trust with your learners.

8. Include various media types

As you build your courses and assessments you will quickly want to add various types of media. The training tool you select should allow you to easily upload your own video's or images without to many restrictions on type or size. You should also be able to add or embed externally hosted images and videos which you may want to include in your course. Finally, your online training software should provide a comprehensive rich text editor that will allow you to format all your content how you want and still automatically scale for any device.

9. Cost effective

Finally, any online training software that you select should meet all the requirements of your school or organization but still be cost effective and also allow you to scale as you add more learners.

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