Help / Why create a quiz

FlexiQuiz offers a huge choice of features and tools that can support you to deliver your objectives for making a quiz or test.

In this article, we will explore some objectives for running a quiz, and demonstrate how FlexiQuiz can help.

Learning & Development

  • Boosts memory retention

    There have been a number of ‘testing effect’ studies that compare students who study and receive practice tests, versus students who receive additional study in lieu of practice tests. Studies show that practice tests help deliver positive results as they helps students become familiar with testing before the main exam. Plus, long term memory is strengthened and increased when testing is supported with feedback.

    FlexiQuiz makes it easy and efficient for you to create regular tests through a simple create, configure and publish design. You can also create your own question bank for sharing with fellow quiz administrators or using for your future quizzes.

    FlexiQuiz also gives you the opportunity to share detailed question feedback with participants at the end of the quiz, showing the correct answer, and a supporting explanation. Premium members can use images and videos to bring the answer to life.

  • Enables students to put learnings into practice

    Tests and quizzes can help learners put what they have learnt into practice and to verify that they are using their learnings correctly.

    FlexiQuiz offers a choice of question types to test students in a variety situations.

    FlexiQuiz also offers you the ability to set up respondent accounts so that students can see all the quizzes that have been assigned to them over the year. Quizzes can easily be assigned to students at the relevant time and they can track and monitor their performance throughout the relevant period.


  • Identifies strengths and weaknesses

    Within school, university or the workplace there can be a huge differential in a person’s understanding of a subject. A quiz is an efficient way to gain a common understanding of your class or teams’ placement and to identify future training needs.

    FlexiQuiz can send a quiz to up to 25 people at one time (or unlimited on the Premium plan). All results are saved in one place to enable you to track the differences in abilities, or any common issues with a particular question.

    Flexiquiz gives you the option to automatically send another quiz to a student based on their score.

    Plus, to minimize any students copying, FlexiQuiz gives you the option to randomize questions presented to students. So, questions can be shown in a different order or students can be shown different questions from a bank of options.

  • Helps to identify the right candidate

    Many companies are using aptitude tests to assess a person’s core capability of common skills, such as numerical, verbal and diagrammatic reasoning.

    FlexiQuiz enables you to create quizzes that tests the core skills and then email candidates with the test to be completed at a suitable time 24/7. With FlexiQuiz you can gain insight into the candidates’ performance and ensure alignment with time limits (by quiz and question), prevent questions being repeated and maximize the number of times people can take the test.

Fun & Engagement

  • A quiz can create healthy competition

    Quizzes are a really popular form of entertainment across the world ranging from Who Wants to be a Millionaire, televised globally to the popular board game Trivia Pursuit.

    For some, a quiz can provide a serious degree of competition, but it doesn’t have to be all about winning. It can also help build a stronger team to tackle future challenges or facilitate growth mindsets.

    FlexiQuiz can support healthy competition by sending personalized certificates for quiz takers to proudly display as recognition for hard work, or knowledge of unusual facts.

  • Increased engagement

    Make learning at school or work more interesting with visual aids.

    FlexiQuiz offers the ability for you to add images, sound effects and videos to tests.

    There are also 7 different question types that you can tailor to your needs like quick fire true/ false quiz, fill in the blanks to multiple choice (Who Wants to a Millionaire style).

FlexiQuiz offers hundreds more features that are not covered in this article, but we hope this will help you get started.